2009 Dongguan’s fourth nternet Conference held in Dongguan in December 20th

webmaster network on December 21st, 2009 the fourth session of the Dongguan Internet Conference held in the afternoon of December 20th Dongguan Guancheng district government building six hall, the conference hosted by the Dongguan City Network Cultural Association, Dongguan 66, Dongguan dance, Guancheng District Street, Congress received strong support from the rain, Lin Mufeng magazine, caifutong, webmaster Dongguan, the real data dispensers, Dongguan automotive network unit.

the theme of the conference is "elite gathered in Dongguan, Dongguan on the development of network culture Road, Dongguan Municipal Committee, publicity minister Wang Daoping, for responsible person Lai Linfeng, love Guo Jijun gathered the laggards, Dong Qinfeng forum," stationmaster "magazine editor Zhang Xiang Yang Yun, a city network, Shenzhen Fair Zhang Xinliang were invited to attended the meeting, from the city of Dongguan and the other 400 around the owners to participate in the meeting.

The first

conference by the Dongguan Municipal Committee, publicity minister Comrade Wang Daoping welcome speech, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng how to operate the local community website to share some wonderful views of individual speakers in the next step, he told the webmaster do website such as edge ball profit opportunities more and more small, e-commerce era come, we should grasp the opportunity. The webmaster magazine Zhang Xiang, laggards forum Dong Qinfeng, Guo Jijun, Guo Jijun love gathering West Lake Liu Hanfan and other guests on how to operate the SNS community website to do a step closer to discuss and share.

in the industry of the site operations of the road link, Hu Yang shared the 078 games network operating 078 game network’s personal experience, he pointed out that the external links on the website of the PR value and the great influence of weight, keep looking for a variety of opportunities for cooperation. The shopkeeper Zhang Yi, housing news Li Hai, Dongguan Zhao Lizhong and other guests for the network group purchase industry website operation how to put forward their views and experience sharing, good user experience of the website especially local vertical industry site. Zhubajie.com Jiang Yao, Tesco, Zhu Hai, a city network Yang Yun and other guests for the site construction team to share their experience in team management.

The president of Dongguan city

Network Cultural Association Lai Linfeng and Dongguan 66 network founder, vice president of the Dongguan Cultural Association Network Sun Mingming finally concluded, at 17:30 conference ended.


guests and site owners


forum for the laggards Dong Qinfeng keynote speech


roundtable discussion: community gathered popular way


: Populus industry website operation road


roundtable discussion: the road to the operation of the industry website


roundtable discussion: website team building


two award "


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