State Network letter office 50 illegal websites and public accounts are closed according to law

National Internet Information Office on January 13th announced the recent closure of a group of websites, columns and WeChat public accounts. This is the first time this year, the national network information office focused on publishing relevant information.

it is understood that a total of 50 sites, channels (columns) and the WeChat public account was closed according to law, including 24 sites, the site of the 9 channels (column) and the WeChat public number 17.

according to reports, related websites, channels (columns), including the WeChat public account is closed: fake government agencies or the name of the media to publish false information; issue involving gambling, fraud and other illegal information; dissemination of pornographic content; do not have published news published news and other illegal qualification.


Chinese news network, the government legal network are not filing or do not have the qualification problem published news; WeChat public, "the Central Commission for discipline inspection teams, local inspection teams report platform", "people’s Daily" and other media issued on behalf of the party and government organs or counterfeit false information; day entertainment channel "," sexy image "column, thunder pop" information "column published obscene, vulgar video pictures and information; WeChat public number A queen of color, on behalf of the formal vote", "Hongkong station", "Reggie glass BB CO2 copper beads gas bomb" suspected of spreading pornographic, released involved in selling fake invoices, gambling, illegal firearms and other information.

National Network Information Office spokesman Jiang Jun said that in order to implement the spirit of the the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee national network information office focus on comprehensively promote the construction of network space law, strengthen law enforcement supervision, resolutely investigate and deal with all kinds of website of illegal behavior, according to the law network implement falls fine, the focus is to promote the specific performance in accordance with the law according to the pipe network, according to the law office network in accordance with the law, the internet.

Jiang Jun said, to safeguard the interests of Internet users in accordance with the law, safeguard the order of Internet information transmission in accordance with the law, the national network information office will further intensify law enforcement efforts, the formation of normalization mechanism, regularly publish illegal website "blacklist", welcome to the community and the masses to report.

report Tel: 12377

report website:


National Network letter office according to law to deal with the site, columns, WeChat public number

one, the recent investigation of 24 illegal websites list

(a) off the record site 10

1, Ning Vision Network (



library to read

3, China News Network (

4, Iraqi adults integrated network (

5 wins, rainbow toys wholesale commodity (www>


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