Taobao involved in online education Biography will push Taobao students channel

The estimated

[review] inside Taobao, Taobao in the current online education transactions amounted to 3 million yuan, can be the size of 1 billion yuan this year.

Taobao architecture, pictures from the network (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) July 8th news, online education fiery attracted the attention of Taobao. According to media reports, today in Beijing, an online education salon, Taobao internal responsible person said, Taobao will strengthen the education and training of electricity supplier development, and may be launched in the near future, Taobao students education channel.

it is understood that last year Taobao sales of 330 million yuan, of which 1/3 is the supplementary materials, in addition to 200 million course sales. Taobao internal estimates, the current online education in Taobao’s turnover of about 3 million yuan, this year can be done on the scale of 1 billion yuan. Before the Taobao students enable Taobao educational products trading mainly belong to Taobao in the local life – education and training category. Inside Taobao, or education and training in two categories last year, this year was promoted to a level.

insiders, Taobao class is mainly a platform, the quality of the platform providers, institutions, teachers, curriculum resources all in mixed mode 2B+2C platform: on the one hand, organizations can provide live teaching on the top; on the other hand, as long as there is any user can release programs in proficiency in a particular line, "Taobao the students, or for online broadcast rights.

for rumors, Taobao officials did not make a statement, an official said that at present may also belong to the internal exploration stage, the product is not mature.

it is reported that online education is becoming a huge market, New Oriental chairman Yu Minhong (micro-blog) has asserted that the online education industry will usher in disruptive change, accounting for 40%, accounting for under the line. The occurrence of this situation is that the next 3-5 years".

is currently in addition to Taobao, a NetEase, Kingsoft intends to get involved in the online education market. Kingsoft CEO Wang Xin (micro-blog) said the Tencent technology not long ago, Kingsoft strength also has the ambition to enter the online education market, make this area as a new source of profit.


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