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Xue Zi at the birthday dinner

Xue Manzi


he is the earliest angel investor in china.

he had invested UT Starcom, 8848, Cai Wensheng, Li Xiang.

he was born in the purple extraordinary circumstances, never left school in business.

he became a millionaire in the United states.

and his old, crafty person lovely innocence.

he hidden for 30 years, to stand up for the fight against child trafficking.

is the old man with white hair.


to attend a birthday dinner party than expected Xue Manzi, came near the end of the party including Zhou Hongyi, Chen Zhiwu, Xiong Xiaoge, almost more than 80.

has just ended the war with the Tencent Zhou Hongyi, chairman of the Qihoo 360, with his last appearance of wild and intractable facial expression. "Xue Manzi was the first person to China angel investment." He said publicly. This is a birthday present for him.

present many famous, Wu Ying, Li Kaifu, Xu Xiaoping, Chen Yizhou, Xie Wen, Zheng Yuanjie, etc.. Even young people who call themselves "Xue" by Xue Manzi investment, Li Xiang (founder of the family car), side of salmon (snowball finance founder), Du Zijian (Huayi hundred record media company president), reputation is far better than the white haired is spent 58 birthday the old man loud. Of course, there is also known as the "king of the station," Cai Wensheng, "Xue Department" of the earliest members. He didn’t attend that evening, for I will write at the end of the article.

Xue won’t be angry because I called him "old man.". You may see him in the online only for a video of entrepreneurs to preach, that is not true Xue manzi. At least, not completely true. If you can watch again, if in his speech every minute to join one or more Beijing slang (such as you, fucking bastard, etc.) and English words, the effect will be much better. The same principle applies to this article. The sudden outbreak of laughter and abrupt end is also essential. Like laughter, I only in comic actor or drama ganxiong heard. He has been likened to a trip.

indeed, warlords like Jin Yong’s novels often wrote the entire birthday party, a group of geeks, on a bigger fan but has been unknown to the public to pay tribute. He called for the tribute. "Wu Ying, it’s you." Xue said in a loud voice.

Wu Ying announced the Xue Manzi a part of the assets: 2000, UT Starcom is listed on the Nasdaq, Xue Manzi earned at least $120 million. His initial investment was $250 thousand. "Watching the soaring stock, Manzi said something that I was very impressed." Wu Ying continues to reveal. He said, "I will never again"


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