Stationmaster net daily broadcast Hunan webmaster meeting guest guest to eat.

1.2012 Hunan Internet Conference held in Changsha in August 11th

news August 13th, 2012 Hunan Internet webmaster conference August 11th held in Changsha successfully, the conference hosted by Admin5 phpwind, bShare, Adsense nets, voices online, the assembly also received strong support from the China century, Sogou alliance good beans network, sipping rice network, xinwangfu jewelry and other units of the general assembly to "opportunities and challenges" the Internet as the theme, from outside the Hunan province webmaster and Internet personage of more than 400 people attended the meeting.

deputy general manager Chen Guoqiang on behalf of the host stationmaster net published a speech, he introduced the theme of the conference with a brief statement, and thank the Hunan owners of the conference said the enthusiastic participation, three consecutive A5 held conference and Hunan station in Hunan enthusiasm inseparable, and thank you for units and support units.


2012 Hunan Internet Conference held in Changsha in August 11th

2 buy sudden death samples: half an online line up

in March 2011, when Liu Lei decided to start his own business, he felt the spring. "At that time, it seemed as if the whole sky of Kunming was clear." Liu Lei said.

Liu Lei is a young entrepreneur, he was born in 1987 when he was only 24 years old. He is a university radio and television journalism, before founding C2B group purchase website raised reverse network, he has done a cameraman for two years at the Yunnan branch of Xinhua news agency, due to lack of future life goals of psychological expectations, he decided to venture.

but unexpected, "spring" is too short, his entrepreneurial activity lasted only a year ended in failure. As the group purchase website into the winter, most of the small group purchase website such as net raised, in June 1, 2012 due to funding strand breaks up network closed down. Liu Lei lose ten yuan savings into their own "run news" two years saved.


buy sudden death samples: half an online line up

3 license battle gradually subsided to pay for the lack of Party distressed enterprises

third party payment business license battle seems to have subsided, whether it is to get a license or not to get the license of the enterprise, its next to do is still to develop their own business. Reporters found that with the third party payment market structure increasingly stable, many companies need for talent is also growing.


license battle gradually subsided third party payment companies for lack of distress



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