With the way travel spend tens of millions of dollars to buy a new domain name LY.com to focus on th

sung Suzhou corner of the "grassroots" enterprises the same way network (now renamed with the way tourism), in the "big" Shanghai Jingan District Shangri-La held a press conference, announced on winning the LY.com short domain name (the original name for 17U.cn) "LY" is "tourism" two word spelling initials, become the most Online Travel Corporation in the short domain.

Wu Zhixiang said that in the past they will generally be 50% of the revenue as a promotional fee. The short domain name after the update, will be more consumer memory. Can be judged, consumers enter the LY domain name once the formation of the company will be in the PC side of the Baidu keyword search promotion to save a lot of cost. The same way has been achieved for three consecutive years of large-scale profit, profit of $50 million last year, but the revenue of from the PC, wireless terminal is relatively weak. Get the lead of the Tencent after 500 million yuan, with the advantage of Tencent in the mobile terminal, in addition to docking with the WeChat platform, there may be other moves focus on force, to make up for relatively backward mobile client.

was founded in 2004 with the way travel, but officially involved in B2C in five or six years. Initially the company’s main business for air tickets, hotel business, and now expand to attractions tickets, travel around, outbound travel and other business segments. Prior to the same way network, and strive to avoid the high degree of homogenization of its business Ctrip, eLong, low-key development. Since Ctrip attractions tickets business, the rapid development of the business, will soon become the classic ticket booking and travel around the world market first, and caused the attention of ctrip.


years experience with the company Ctrip price war, with the way tourism was forced to go to the stage, to meet the challenges. Online travel is divided into business travel, leisure travel market, Ctrip in business customers, the leisure travel market, there is no absolute first, and the strategic positioning of the same process is: for the leisure market first, key force wireless terminal.

at the same time, the same way the tickets as a leisure travel market entry level business, and focus on force. Currently occupy the first place in the market. But the force in the direction of attractions tickets Ctrip can not be ignored. As for how to make the difference with Ctrip, Wu Zhixiang said that their goal to achieve the three most: the lowest price, the largest number of tickets, the best booking experience.

at present, in the same way wireless terminal, focusing on leisure travel, you can directly book products on the home page. With the process of the core of the application scenario is to help users do not have the purpose of travel around the recommended, as well as recommended hotels, tickets. Currently, selected out of the hotel + ticket package, close to ten thousand. The wireless terminal products are "hot topics" list, divided into hot, hot topic people travel to facilitate the users to see the other tour pal.


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