The movie star package, made box office to do marketing


to the new year file, a number of familiar faces began to mix on a variety of screens: Huang Xiaoming, Tong Dawei,, Tong Dawei, Xun Zhou, and Huang Xiaoming…… Are there any silly points not clear?

is simple to explain, Huang Xiaoming + Tong Dawei = "Tai Ping ship", Tong Dawei + Xun Zhou = "my early more girlfriend", Huang Xiaoming + Xun Zhou = "spoiled woman’s best life".

November 27th, Huang Xiaoming launched 5000 sets of "chowhound package", the price of 48 yuan, sold out within half a day. The package with the slogan "spoiled win love, peace, including chowhound" peace round he starred in "()" and "the best woman spoiled life" movie tickets for each one, and keep the ticket to enjoy preferential investment in Huang Xiaoming shake shop and Hot pot shop.



December 2nd, Tong Dawei launched 3000 sets of "warm male package", including "Tai Ping ship (on)" and "my early more girlfriend", "cure route is love, find a warm man; at large, please". Probably because of average price of 19 yuan is too cabbage, Tong Dawei only tickets sold out in 14 minutes.



sell individual packages, the originator of this type of marketing is actually Huang Bo, but also is the eleven golden week this year: three movie "put" dear heart flower road "" 2 "" riffraff hero opened at the same time. Huang Bo was very anxious, the palm meat, propaganda when I do not know that what the most worth seeing. Birthday when he was joking, get a ticket with Huang Bo. In this way, the relationship becomes a win-win relationship. But this is not to make money for the cinema so good, Huang Bo pocket please the audience viewing the film three half price, bundled with only 75 yuan. 3333 sets of Huang Bo package sold out within a day.

veteran film marketing said, Huang Bo can lead to do the package is a particularly good thing. "Every film has its own film, even want to do a package, because of their interests, unable to take this step. At this time, the artist stand out, through the ticketing website to complete this thing, really let everyone satisfied."

and now you see the Huang Xiaoming package, more like a good marketing plan. Guevara online booking site vice president Gu Ying told the "Daily" curiosity and Tong Dawei Huang Xiaoming, the package marketing is led by Guevara, the film side is very complex, the cost by Guevara, the artist, the film side aspects together. A movie is the one hundred thousand in the normal sales of Guevara, Zhang thousands of packages which accounted for only, so the cost of the controllable scope. "


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