1 years of small companies can do the top 3 platform transformation! Users grew 10 times! 20 million

July 2014, 100offer on the line, only to do business auction programmers. In 2015, in the face of venture capital of winter, after the rise of silenced, 100offer also began a bold transformation of the road, in the status of the industry downturn, contrarian rise.

2015, the Internet recruitment industry experienced a difficult test of capital cold: it has been founded 18 years old chinahr.com was 58 city annexed, "Zhou Botong" financing unfavorable recruitment community and mass layoffs, BAT significantly reduce recruitment….. The traditional Internet recruitment seems to go into a dead end. Online recruitment of lesions

we know, to maximize business objectives for the heavy, traditional recruitment website will be thousands of business needs to notice board form all listed, which even many credit worrying three enterprises. The industry had jokingly said, these sites home filled not hiring, but "psoriasis". Whenever the job seekers to open recruitment website, want to find the most useful information in the first time is almost impossible, the use of experience and job seekers have been criticized for a long time.

(users are aware of the traditional recruitment website Tucao sparked heated debate)

today’s online recruitment also appeared such a strange phenomenon: the more unknown small companies, the more the courage to job seekers boast, to give far more than the market wage. The legend of "other people’s company, burning investor money massive rush, the essence of business marketing conceal behind the weak bold, often flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum to become a high probability event.

efficiency and quality should be the two edge Internet recruitment, online recruitment has become the focus. Under this industry dilemma, startups is often a single point of breakthrough to achieve turn overtaking opportunities.

in July 2014 on the line of 100offer, initially only to do business auction programmers. Founder Jia Zhifan admits that it draws on the U.S. talent auction platform Hired model, but 100offer more emphasis on user privacy protection, promotion and dissemination of more internet.

2015, 100offer did three things: get $20 million A round of financing, by the pure programmer auction transformation of high-end recruitment platform, as well as the size of registered users grew nearly 10 times to reach 300 thousand passengers. The industry capital decline and the rise of 100offer is cold, do not have a mean.

paranoid behind

100offer is retrograde, why? In the traditional recruitment model, occupy the initiative for recruitment website contribution most of turnover in the high-end talent recruitment enterprise; auction mode 100offer, the leading power to achieve a reversal, high-end talent from the "passive delivery" into "active screening" to enhance the user experience can be described as a world of difference.

100offer is also paranoid >


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