Aunt help CEO Wan Yong B round of money 70% did not spend enough to live up to 2017

domestic O2O market is broad, giants are also optimistic, including foreign Amazon, Google and Facebook have begun to expand the field.

in the country, home O2O is faster than foreign development. Relevant statistics, in 2015 the total size of the domestic service market has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, but there is still a huge space for development, is still growing at an annual rate of 30%, enough to grow several companies and tens of billions of dollars in class company.

aunt help is the domestic O2O industry is relatively low-key in a start-up company, in the face of layoffs after the storm, sina science and technology interviewed the aunt to help CEO Wan yong. He revealed that the B round of money is still sixty or seventy per cent still lying in the bank, the money enough to help aunt lived to 2017.

for O2O winter said, Wan Yong pointed out that, in fact, a good O2O project, there is no so-called hot and cold. He believes that this is not a matter of family service.

aunt want to do a good job in low frequency high customer service unit

aunt to help the company now has more than and 400 people, and does not include aunt. In Wan Yong seems to help the current aunt in the basic business, such as cleaning, including household appliances to clean up these services to do the best.

clean, aunt this end and charges no commission, but will be pumped into, with the same car, probably around 20%.

Wan Yong pointed out that the current stage is the circle of users, I hope we can do a good job of low frequency high customer price, such as household appliances cleaning, home appliance maintenance, these are profitable business.

cleaning appliances in addition to cleaning, aunt help to expand other areas, such as laundry business. However, Wan Yong stressed that washing clothes to help aunt, is the third thing to do, we first do is clean, second is home appliance cleaning.

Wan Yong said, we do not wash this shirt and e bag is not a competitor to the Thai flute, we start from the supply chain to do, is the pursuit of the quality of laundry". Aunt help laundry service is the subject of dry cleaning quality is not good.

and aunt helped to have their own dry cleaners, no cooperation with third parties.

B round of financing 70% flowers can not help aunt to live in 2017

O2O said in the winter, Wan Yong pointed out, is likely to have this problem, but is only relative to a certain stage of development, suggest investors look at the problem in a more sober, in fact the O2O project, not the so-called hot and cold.

Wan Yong believes that the family service this thing, is not accomplished overnight.

some time ago it was said that the aunt is helping big layoffs, which, Wan Yong said Aunt helped by the media black".

aunt to help the company in October last year was tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing, investment led by Xiang Feng investment, angel round and A round of investors, Shun fund and venture capital


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