Medical enterprises how to promote the use of soft medical innovation

a lot of medical enterprises are always very contradictory, traditional hospitals do not need to do network marketing?". In the face of print ads, Baidu for promotion, promotion of newspapers and magazines, has experienced many webmaster have such feeling, promotion cost is too high, make ends meet. The gold rush media responsible person believes that as long as you can sell the product in the network, you need to do network marketing, and the promotion of soft text is a mainstream network promotion method of high cost performance of a model. Perhaps you do not believe, perhaps you are still hesitant, so as long as you see the small make up a few points, you will not hesitate to choose medical soft Wen released.

first, the development of the network is the trend. With the increasing influence of the Internet on the people, and now the network has become a more effective promotion of soft text network marketing. One can be widely spread, but also to be interviewed by the soft Wen is also known as the concept of the success of the soft text is also increasingly popular. Good soft like cotton hidden in the needle, and not dew, in the invisible enemy.

secondly, the hospital to carry out the promotion of medical soft foundation. Mainly in material resources, a lot of soft Wen is not recognized by others, it is because of its material single, devoid of content, from the enterprise practice, and not real readers mingle, interact, naturally can not attract the attention of readers. While the medical soft text has a lot of congenital writing material, such as sharing a variety of disease knowledge (prevention, daily care, surgical treatment, etc.), to promote advanced technology therapy, hospital humanities…… Can the conception of the angle is too much, the key is whether what is written, are closely related to the patient’s life, so it is easy to arouse the reader’s sympathy.

third, the medical industry to rectify the storm, medical soft ice breaking. According to the relevant department for the disclosure of false propaganda, the medical industry competition malicious, illegal information spread crackdown thorough investigation. Many hospitals love Post Bar in various forums, online information, classification of published articles, now basically is with broken halberds defeat. The high authority to choose medical soft release can not only help of media spread faster and reproduced, but also the increase in the draft audit threshold, many hospitals sometimes do not know what kind of material can be made, what kind of material can not be made, often in a few days it was deleted, and medical media can not only make timely notice for you, but also ensure the collection, save the unnecessary loss.

fourth, the limitations of the free platform. As a medical website webmaster, you will find that now the hospital website chain construction is too difficult. The first platform is not easy to find, the specific performance of the low weight platform included not stable, not related to the high weight of the platform for the industry. Not easy to find one, "I’m sorry, do not add the link, let us too much to handle, the chain construction is an important way to attract good Baidu spiders crawl the web, but also an important entrance of investment, choose a medical soft release but also to ensure the high quality of the chain from the edge.

fifth, various forms of creation, to avoid risks. Xiao Bian think as an investment, not


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