Do four points to make your soft Wen to achieve the best results

for the webmaster, the soft Wen is a promotional tool, everyone wants to write soft wen. Please have a recent experience in soft on the friend "happiness" to give 28 push public training 3 groups of students to share some experience in the process of sharing the soft, I also learn, listening to lectures I felt happy before writing the article really have improved greatly, let me benefit bandit is shallow, tidied the study notes, here to share with you:

we often feel that their soft Wen is not soft, can not affect the audience, not the best publicity. The soft text writing is obviously with a purpose, or with the purpose of promoting a product or website to write, how many will have some deliberately, and the more deliberately to write, the more there will be traces of whitewash.

that how to avoid the traces of too much? Happiness to share four ways:

1, first of all to seriously analyze the audience. For example, your audience is the audience, that can go to study the A5 above the article, including the biggest hits of the article is what, what is the characteristics of these articles, they like to see what kind of articles, etc.. This step is very important, determines the direction and location of your article.

2, into your audience. To see what kind of reaction, such as comments, can be seen from the comments, and what the reaction to this article is. This can be said to study the audience after reading the feeling of the article, after understanding easier to write a good soft wen.

3, when the audience, if it is you, you see how this article will do. Since writing soft Wen, first of all to guide their own, in order to guide others.

4, transformation, this article has brought what kind of effect, the amount of navigation and the corresponding web site is proportional to how much, how much is the real transformation, how much is invalid…… , so as to correctly judge, soft Wen actually have no effect.

a word in Europe: you must first understand the audience, analyze their data and demand; then second, according to the data and needs to do; after own as the audience to read, whether can persuade you, guide you, and then is to convince others to guide others. Finally, it must be linked to the data, click, conversion rate.

actually wrote the time is one or two hours, fast half an hour to complete, it is important to the preparatory work, must take time to prepare, homework must be done, so we have a better idea, just have the better material to write articles, believe that write out the effect will be very good.

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