Customers need to be intuitive feelings


Home Furnishing, before I get the feeling that selling furniture, said to be square, is nothing more than a little more just; personally feel, it is not the same as the user experience; not long shelf display all kinds of furniture, nor the number of sales staff advised. IKEA’s model room decoration is very good showing the value and use of each commodity. There I can even intuitively feel what a commodity can do in my room.

Compared to the

display showing the way, I love that I want to see the choice of goods, because I don’t need to think about is not suitable for me, do not need to know what the situation will use what kind of goods, all is directly placed in front of me. In the ordinary display, I want to give myself a reason to buy, but also to the use of a commodity. But in this show has not used. At the same time, the sales staff that there is no need for what, goods they have spoken, but compared to the sales staff said, the commodity itself that can win the trust of the users. In this case, as long as there is demand, the purchase is only a matter of time.

many sites have complained of having traffic, but no income, not excluding potential users of Web site traffic situation. Throughout our website, customers can have this intuitive feeling in what time! Show many things, but also because many products, don’t display intuitive, even guide are not good, customers can reach the final goods also face a problem, even if the customers arrive at the final goods / services show, also did not feel what is the commodity or service, so what about the establishment of Website Trust, not to mention the user’s final conversion.

PS: recently in the rest of the state, I would like to write down the previous site planning and operational experience, we have to know what you can tell me here. (BY Gong Lianzhi)


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