Second hand car site without a practical plan to share

This article is about the April

planning a female friend to work with me as a used car network, I went on the Internet to find the information to write the plan, also estimated cooperation deal, have come to share, this is definitely what I wrote, saved in the computer has not been willing to delete and my level is limited, we will see, oh.

a, background:

why do we buy second-hand car rental car? Not good? Not good? On this issue, is anyone’s guess, there are endless debate. But after all, answer to this question is, when you economic foundation is still in the primary stage of socialism, some basic knowledge and you are not familiar with the car maintenance, maintenance, second-hand car is the best choice. But if you are a multimillionaire, there is absolutely no need to buy second-hand car.

two, the basic idea:

set up second-hand car trading network, to line the sale of second-hand car owners to the Internet to release information, so as to obtain information (pre fee should be such), after driving can put some, second-hand car trading, second-hand car trading company advertising, also can put some Baidu, Google for advertising, general matching the car advertising price will be relatively high, but compared to those in the front is not enough, because we do business.

a car, and now the Internet is convenient, almost all national fast popularity, 09 years is estimated to reach more than 200 million users, now Chinese basic family will have cars, many families also hope to have a car, some of the economy not rich enough to buy a used car, but to the second-hand car market. The Department, is likely to be some intermediary fees, I didn’t know this, but with housing transactions will be like this. This car, no way to second-hand car trading market or sector, only need to fill out online information second-hand car will be released easily, which is convenient, and now many people are online to find information, and take the line pulled online business.

is important, with increasing membership site, offline marketing department began to sit still, since they opened the store, will not miss this online, so we can open a separate web plate, a certain company second-hand car trading board, after the opening every day they only need to find the second-hand vehicle information from their company issued up, means that we can store the form of rent according to sell them, here should know the point of it.

three, specific operation:

venture can be divided into two small and large investment. Small, start with a home computer, find the program, open VPS, domain name registration, OK, the site is good. Then don’t go to the market, we can go to the ", the so-called " steal; steal, since we do is Zhengzhou, we find that Baidu, Google Zhengzhou local second-hand car trading website, we’ll go to the information they steal to.


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