Behind the rise of the Web from 0 to 20 billion in the end what happened

the most recent two or three years, the Internet industry’s most fire in the field of vertical venture, undoubtedly Internet banking. More than 2 thousand net loan platform after the catch on the athletic field, and the Internet financial regulatory policies, the industry is gradually moving towards a healthy and orderly development of the road, and a number of high-quality start-up companies began to emerge, including the favorable net valuation of the company more than $1 billion, entered the quasi Unicorn company camp.

in this one, favorable way to rise especially makes people feel the magic. It consists of three 85 young men founded the Internet financial company, in just three years, completed from questionable to imitate competitors to follow, to lead the industry in line with the perfect counter attack, three anniversary of the platform, turnover will reach over 20 billion yuan. Moreover, this young entrepreneurial companies are also attracted three different institutions to top venture investment. We can not help but ask, enabling the network to get what behind the capital market recognition and counter attack the rise of what happened to



favorable on-line in February 2013, the Internet financial industry was still a backwater, facing business model uncertainty and profit model is not clear, people’s understanding of financial products on the Internet is not so full. The favorable net three 85 after the young founder simply by virtue of fearless aggressive, reached the field of Internet financial business.

entering the industry, enabling the network for the first time introduced by microfinance institutions to select high quality loan programs, enabling the network to recommend to the financial needs of the user to purchase investment Internet financial model. At that time, this model is not recognized by the market, there are many voices in the industry questioned. After enabling the network to get Softbank capital China $ten million A round of investment, only a little voices stopped, turned into a sigh of sound, people think, an operation for 9 months can get what well-known venture capital institutions invested millions of dollars in the end do? Although today, Internet Financial startups get tens of millions of dollars in financing already but at the time, be not at all surprising, it is still a bit Arabian Nights feeling, after all, enabling network is the first Internet financial company Softbank investment in China market.

actually, get financing from inception to favorable, mainly do the work of two aspects. The first is to sign a large number of high-quality small loan companies, in order to provide users with rich, safe, secure high-yield financial products to prepare. The second is the development of standardization, including the establishment of the Advisory Committee, hired the famous Chinese economist, Yale University professor Chen Zhiwu, Simcere Pharmaceutical Group chairman of the board of directors such as Ren Jinsheng joined the Advisory Committee of experts, and apply to join the Zhongguancun Internet financial industry association self-discipline etc.. At the same time, enabling the network platform turnover also increased steadily, announced on November 2013, Softbank Chinese capital a round of financing platform, turnover has reached 300 million yuan.


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