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a, what is Taobao guest?

Taobao Taobao refers to the customer to help promote the sale of goods through the Internet, and in accordance with the transaction amount to get commission. They find sellers released product in Taobao alliance, and spread out, when there are buyers through their own promotion link transactions, then we can make the seller provided by the Commission (which part needs as Taobao alliance service fee). Is a kind of promotion model according to the transaction charge.

two, how to get started Taobao guest

first need to register under the account of Ali’s mother, because the mother rules change, can only use Taobao account, detailed registration methods see:

registered account, you need to set up Ali mother promotion channels for the record and promotion.

concept interpretation

what is the promotion bit name, how to fill in?

answer: promotion bit Name: used to monitor the effect of the extension of the transaction. You can fill in according to their needs, such as the promotion code is arranged to the QQ group, the promotion of the name can be filled in QQ group

what is the channel, do you need to fill out the


answer: used to monitor the promotion of the promotion channels. For example, the need to monitor the promotion effect with a different site inside pages, you can choose the type of media is website promotion is the name of "web A" promotion channel name is "A- home" website "website A- page second". Can not fill in.

how to fill in the various channels? Please look down:

1, QQ promotion, how to fill in the promotion of


answer: you can promote the management – shopping guide management – new shopping guide promotion – shopping guide type: Choice – chat tool – media type selection: QQ– account: enter your QQ number (up to 30 of the current support fill)

to QQ filing, for example, the detailed filing method:

2, micro-blog promotion how to fill in?

: a proposed new type of shopping promotion – shopping guide in the promotion of management — Management — Guide: – share – micro-blog home page: the user (such as micro-blog, is your corresponding micro-blog homepage) — micro-blog account: fill in the login account.

3, blog, space, circle, dynamic, how to fill in this promotion.

answer: it is recommended in the promotion of management – shopping guide management – new shopping guide promotion – shopping guide type: Select – share – blog / space / circle / dynamic, the user’s home page: (such as blog, is your corresponding Bo)


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