nternet really can play from the media

who saw the Internet business opportunities, who want to realize their value through the internet. There is a decisive factor in the success of the Internet: trust. How to establish a trust relationship from the media is everyone’s choice. So as the Internet, I really can play from the media do?

what is from the media, everyone has a different answer. Guardian of Yuan Kun believes that since the media brazenly sell themselves on the internet. Do Internet marketing is selling their own, so how to sell themselves on the Internet, why people are willing to pay, this is an issue that any Internet people have to think about. A lot of friends in the protection of Kun Kun also talked about the exchange: what do you know from the media, to talk about it? Today, a friend has such a question, so there is the following.

a, give yourself a position: give yourself a position, this is the first work. In fact, not only do the Internet should do this, do anything to consider this issue: to give yourself a position. I am good at doing what I like to do, what can I do?

the first problem is that they are good at doing what they have special skills others will not. If not, then to the second choice. I like to do, do not have their own good things, then do what they like, because do their favorite things will be more attentively. To the webmaster, for example, every webmaster to their website as a child, watching it grow, because the child is his favorite, is his love. If I don’t have the things I like to do, there are only third choices. What can I do?. As a group of people who want to enter the Internet, what do you think you can do?

two, give the user a positioning: find their target customers (who are willing to pay).

no matter what we are good at, what we like to do, or what we can do. Want to sell their own (or product), then what people need us to provide products or services to locate their target customers, find people willing to pay. Do you have any idea who is my target client, old or young, male or female?

three, to add a label to set up an image: there is always a sign of business, then do you have a signboard?

adds a label to yourself, so that more people will know what you are doing, and that it is best to be unique, and to be able to visually describe your labels. For example, what the first micro marketing, what SEO training the first person. Many examples like this, in this case is not an example. The second is to set up their own image. There is a label to have a natural image, as the Internet, you have on all platforms have their own image. So micro-blog, WeChat and other platforms what is your image of beauty, landscape, cartoon or default no avatar?

four, have your own story and tell it: the best marketing is to tell the story, so as you want to


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