2015 micro business play since the media trust turnover

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recently, discussions on micro business is booming, the main reasons are two points, one is the development of micro business circle of friends has come to the bottleneck, micro business more and more have a "money end" feeling; two is the Taobao business costs more and more high, micro companies become Taobao 80% the seller cannot make money at a straw.

micro business is based on a mobile social media or social media above the trust economy, each micro vendor will be based on the credibility of his endorsement product endorsement. In the mobile Internet information is more and more transparent, the relationship between people and goods will be more symmetrical, behind people and sellers of goods will become increasingly strong, and this trust will speed up economic people and people, between people and the circulation of commodities.

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April 29, 2015 (Wednesday) at 20:00, took a net invite derivative — no real master in the YY63002 channel to share curriculum in 2015 "derivative Gameplay: since the media trust deal", please make an appointment booking Course Advisory QQ:8071657


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grassroots micro operators engaged. 5 years experience in Internet marketing, 2013 to participate in media operations in 2014, first derivative of agricultural products industry, has made more than 50 thousand yuan sales of individual sales of the first month, and the next few months is growing. In 2015 to create their own brand of products, in the field of micro business has a senior marketing experience.


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