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today to discuss a partnership that had a long chat! On the way back, it is from the media and network red era! Buy a traditional advertising position! Hang a link! Effect has become increasingly weak, most of the owners have not rely on advertising revenue and into submission method charges. In particular, the public to send a single, when the dividend is to let those who have a large number of fans in the public number from the grass root to reverse the rich handsome from the individual into regressed donghonghong company operations, the soft process has become a necessary weapon! This is the strength of the team or individual to write soft Wen in place, then the fans and the turnover rate are rising

dally online!

we can not underestimate the changes in the Internet, but also can not underestimate the influence of soft Wen!I’ll add a WeChat

or a number of public concern, and some of them is the direct contact you deal! Such soft Wen is the most powerful, with friends to discuss the text before writing, and some text layout, but also the beginning of more chaos! Then slowly read, write a


is a good soft! Write soft wenyiding to note is that as far as possible from the first person to write is better! Write process if the case mentioned, it must be the case in the screenshot or see things to show! As long as a screenshot shows, so convincing is very strong, because with the mobile Internet, we have entered the blossom everywhere, see the video era, as part of the text is the feelings guide! Then add pictures


this persuasion is very strong! In fact, there are a lot of public, master, because the number of public hair soft, mostly for publicity or propaganda so as to attract fans, certainly not hard advertising or direct! Is not audited by then, because of this a large number of soft Wen master like the title of the party! Like people, after opening, you have to admire these people! As we now search for these words, "damn the geomancy" must find the soft



or "will not kill you," the word will find a lot of soft Wen!

When we open the

found that many are soft! Because such titles are mostly soft! This title will attract people to see soft Wen! Will see what you write! Only when others see what you write, or when you release something, will be attracted to a series of powder. This is a final transaction.


we can see from above! Soft Wen written basically include the above guide! It is a little small and intimate feelings! Try to life a little more intimate, more and more small details, can get the intention of the fans! Only touched the soft is soft /p>! "

a good soft text contains the following


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