A5 investment and financing briefing fighting fans, heart medicine network was ten million financing

1 fighting fans


investment amount: 10 million yuan

recently, fighting fans were tens of millions of angel round of financing, investors have not yet disclosed. Fighting fans is a focus on the production of fighting content boxing fans platform, including live interactive events, original fighting video, commentary and information news and players record and technical statistics and other content. With cloud Zhicheng belongs to Beijing science and technology limited liability company.


2 freaky TV


investment amount: one million yuan

reported that maternal freaky video electricity supplier TV has recently completed an angel round of financing, the amount to millions of dollars. Beijing hot mom Online Technology Co., Ltd. is a new mother and Child video media and children’s intelligence Hard Suits Inc, the company’s core products in the country, the mother of the first TV vertical live + on-demand content model.


3 Recovery treasure

Investor: SMC group

investment amount:

was informed that the second-hand mobile phone recycling platform for recycling treasure announced SMC world group A+ round of financing, the specific amount is not disclosed. According to the collection of treasure CEO ho fan introduction, after this round of financing, valuation is nearly three times on the wheel, then the focus will be on the recovery of treasure brand.


4 kidney fighter

investors: Shanghai new venture capital

investment amount: 1 million yuan

nephropathy health management system App kidney fighters in Shanghai has been the new venture capital 1 million Angel round of investment. At the end of this month, new products will be on-line "renal mutual help platform".


5 heart network

Investment: Hainan drug

investment amount: 60 million yuan

recently, heart medicine network announced by Hainan Haiyao provided 60 million yuan a round of financing, heart medicine network is a mobile Internet based medical information service provider, is committed to creating the whole process of online medical experience.



: Blue Lake investment lead investor capital, innovation works and real fund with investment

investment amount: $5 million

November 14th news, auto start-up company Momenta announced the acquisition of $5 million A round of investment. The current round of the Blue Lake capital lead investor, with investment funds and real innovation works.


7 Chinese food

Investor: >


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