2013 Baidu encyclopedia to create the latest changes

According to the

observation of the latest marketing’s Encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia created a new change. Compared with the past creation steps, now a lot of tips. In addition, 2 new features have been added, the draft box and the revision. From the user’s point of view, a good spread of the Baidu Encyclopedia of the rules, so that users understand how to write each step. These simple tips help users create the correctness of the user can help the version passed smoothly. The other new features are also very good, water marketing once wrote to Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia is the official advice, see my article


first, draft box upgrade.

1, version auto save.

When you edit the

before, has compiled a lot of content, but forget to save, suddenly shut down ", or due to external factors leading to withdrawal from the Baidu encyclopedia editor, the result of the editorial work vigorously before as can be imagined, in vain.

this time after the upgrade of the draft box function, increase the version of the function of automatic preservation, I feel it should be saved 30 seconds. How much time did not calculate, in short, the system automatically save the frequency is very high. Even if we accidentally pulled out of the Baidu encyclopedia editor, in the draft box we can always view what we have edited.

2, not edited again by version.


, when failure drafts, if we submit the Baidu encyclopedia audit fails, we can’t edit the failure of the foundation, we must re create, then created before operation again. Water Encyclopedia of marketing that will increase the repeated work and wasted time and energy users.

this time to increase the version is not edited again after the function, directly to the version, which is not directly click edit changes, you can re submit the new version on the basis of the original, very convenient.

second, Baidu encyclopedia to create new changes in steps

1, enter the name of the steps.

open Baidu encyclopedia official website, click on the top right of the creation of entries, to enter the name of the entry steps. Now in the bottom of the input box to increase the content of the text, the contents of the entry name should pay attention to the problem. Please see the following picture.

1) entry name should be noted:

2) entry name should be a proper noun

3) use the commonly used name

4) do not use the word for entry

5) use the official full name

2, Baidu encyclopedia edit page.

entry name, click create entries, you can enter the Baidu Encyclopedia page. In the new interface, added at the top


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