nternet plus era, entrepreneurs how to grasp their own direction

with the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" and "Internet plus" and a series of favorable policies, the development of the Internet industry change rapidly, a lot of people who are interested in the Internet have put into the ranks of Internet entrepreneurs. So in the "Internet plus" era, entrepreneurs how to grasp the direction of their own



there are many ways to start the business, generally divided into self-employed and do agents

independent entrepreneurs need to have their own entrepreneurial teams and entrepreneurial projects, many startups are lack of entrepreneurial experience, so in the beginning, it will take a lot of detours, risks are often failure; compared to independent entrepreneurs, agents do investment cost is small, with less risk, agent products relatively mature brands have a certain visibility and influence, to develop the market and carry out the business of great help.

traditional business model has been outdated, entrepreneurs need to introduce new

in the new market environment, its advantage has gradually lost many of the traditional way of business, the main disadvantages are: business cycle time, manpower and financial investment is large, profit model slow, thinking mode is relatively backward, the market scope is narrow, the target population is relatively loose. Therefore, entrepreneurs want to succeed, we must continue to improve their ability to innovate and explore new ways of entrepreneurship.

With the continuous integration of online and offline stores, the two spawned a new industry chain, to the majority of entrepreneurs to provide new opportunities for development of the

. In the process of the traditional industries of the Internet in the B2B service business enterprise in the field continue to rise, emerging vertical industries, has become the new benchmark for Internet entrepreneurs.

To explore the

entrepreneurs go15 on the road

in the transformation of the traditional industry upgrading process, entrepreneurs are constantly exploring new business model, such as O2O, B2C, P2P, B2B and so on, through the practice of entrepreneurs, some way is not feasible, the failure cases have occurred, some roads still continue to explore. All in all, the road is very bumpy.

in the capital market environment, how can entrepreneurs remain invincible?

for entrepreneurs, capital is very important for the operation of the company, there are a lot of entrepreneurs often because of funding strand breaks. So in the capital market environment, how can entrepreneurs to success?.

1 grasp the needs of users is the last word, in any case, companies can not separate from the user needs and create value. Therefore, entrepreneurs to tap the potential needs of users, to solve the user pain points, in order to obtain the user’s trust and recognition;

2 from their own products and services, and constantly improve their product system, improve their own


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