Three important thoughts on WeChat marketing


marketing can make money? Now many business owners may still doubt that WeChat marketing has no use? Can not make money? From a variety of data, WeChat is gradually being used by businesses, and get good returns. You may have missed the Taobao seven years ago, five years ago and three years ago, micro-blog group purchase, these new things bring opportunities to make money, to know how to seize the opportunity of the business by leaps and bounds, Qian made a big step forward. Opportunities are provided to those who are prepared, and only to those who are suitable for them.

WeChat marketing in addition to suitable for electricity providers, but also for some traditional businesses. So how to determine whether your business is suitable for WeChat marketing? How to determine the effect of reference to the following three points:

1, is it possible to enhance the relationship with old customers and increase the number of old customers order


is now almost a smart phone users, electricity providers to use mobile terminals to maintain a good relationship with customers, it seems reasonable, do not say anything. So the traditional industry? Yu containing beauty parlor for example. WeChat two-dimensional code paste in the window, the store customers can see the two-dimensional code scan next time enjoy 20 percent off discount, so easy procedure, how customers will let go. As a result, we have accumulated a number of high-quality active powder, regularly provide customers with beauty and health knowledge, seasonal precautions and store promotions, etc.. Not only through the meticulous service won the good reputation of customers, but also greatly increased the frequency of consumption of customers, improve customer single passenger volume.

2, is it possible to find potential people and bring new customers?

development of new customers for enterprises is the future. So where is the development of new customers trust and favor? Get them with what method, what is the most cost-effective? Maybe some boss would say, my potential customers in the subway in the daily The stream never stops flowing.; eight nights in front of the TV; or dance in the afternoon that a wisp of sunlight and text the newspaper before…… Yes, they are your customers, but to create a classic marketing mode of thinking in the time and space, it has already been eliminated by the new society, belong to this era, more cost-effective marketing mode, pay attention to network marketing in the accurate and interactive behavior.

E era, the new law can effectively attract new customers can be refined into six words: there is interactive, accurate enough". "Interaction" is about the content of the service for the customer is love; "accurate enough" determines the ultimate effect of your service, whether the services may be delivered successfully the target audience, rather than placing ads or cast pearls before swine, but the loss of a lot of advertising. WeChat marketing in the process of connecting enterprises and new customers, to achieve a precise and effective interaction. In Qi will be for you to accurately analyze the amount of WeChat potential customers, mining new customers, allow enterprises to improve profitability is more simple.

3, is it possible to improve the customer experience, streamline operations, and improve time cost?

said the importance of WeChat marketing, then how to use WeChat correctly, so that the theory of conversion


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