Discussion on the promotion of a forum website

when we have a forum, the first thing we need to do is to let people know. Whether this forum is good or bad, we have to take this horse out for a walk, so that more people to appreciate, to feel, to evaluate. Let people know that there is such a thing, in this process must also be aware of a problem, promotion is not the key, is the key to keep visitors. I have the same opinion with many people, that the truth is very simple, everyone knows. We come together today to summarize and discuss how to promote the forum!

The initial

of the Internet is the people can not find the need, and in this highly fragmented era, a lot of things stocked with a superb collection of beautiful things to allow users to choose. Faced with so many competitors, we must also have the promotion method is flexible, such as previously popular QQ group; this method looks good, good points of the article to the group, and then click Browse in after you can bring traffic. And when countless virus links, advertising links let our users fear when you use this method can be negative. I see a lot of talk about the web site or BBS promotion methods still use the things, but also what to say with him together to win the "win-win", not only do have to stick with it’s point of view, I really do not know that the author is a senior expert or new white. Experts point of view and we ordinary people there is a big difference between them, or when that time Professor Yang shock treatment of addiction let us head still have thousands of welcomers?

and in the current forum personal signature, we can see a lot of people are left with the signature of one or two web sites. This method of promotion of the signature in the end there is no effect did not make too much of the investigation did not dare to draw conclusions. If the URL of a station is a personal it is very few to click, but when the key is you are interested in, and his master is an "active" molecules, then this link I will point out, even if the bomb is an advertisement. Of course, if this is the case, then it is sufficient to point. I also have such links in some BBS signature, in order to bring traffic to the target is not simply what? Chapter, bring to their station chain, improve the PR weight of GG, and the GG of the incident, do so in the end there is not significance temporarily can not tell you, put a.

while in the forum’s signature to stay at the same time, there is another site to stay. Blog, there are so few people like to get a reputation of their own blog, and the blog always have visitors in twos and threes, plus a link on the top will always be someone to come in. I’ve always believed that bloggers add links that are important to them, especially the one-way links that can lead us to a special world. And we have reason to believe that those who love the forum members are willing to pay such a link to the forum……

once said in the beginning, the promotion is not the key, is the key to keep visitors. So in the development of the forum, positioning, layout these


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