Search engines like what kind of website

after several years of website construction experience, has accumulated some experience, to share with you:


this kind of website search engine like, because he is more streamlined, the code structure is reasonable, compared to TABLE open faster!

two, static web page

static web pages and dynamic web page is the difference between static web pages can reduce the server’s compliance, faster than the speed of the dynamic web page.

three, website content

no matter what kind of website, website content must be reasonable, does not affect the user experience. Like many domestic websites, is an open four or five pop, this kind of website will be turned off, another point is the content of the title and website content is consistent. According to Baidu, the search that his client, Baidu is obligated to serve his clients, we need the information in the search, if in front of the row is not consistent with the content, is not what we want, we can find out the website information, is selling computer, it is certainly not. So the site’s title and content must be related, so that the site’s ranking will be promoted.

four, website update

remember I made a website opened two for updated daily column, website construction of knowledge base, all the daily update, of course, the best is original, in how they have a pseudo original, is a large number of articles from the COPY website, and then batch modify a text, or to replace paragraph etc.. After all, the search engine is the machine, he is also how to fight the brain.

as long as the original update every day, search engine spiders will come to see you every day. So you can increase the number of sites, ranking will improve.

five, the chain and internal links

refers to the chain is from other sites link to your site, the more you have the chain, the higher the number of votes on your site, of course, the best quality of the chain. There are many ways to increase the chain, for example, go to the forum, BLOG, and other sites exchange links and so on. Many ways, now there are a lot of webmaster looking for the chain like to use mass tools, this is not bad, we all go to a local hair, the quality of the link is low, if you send a lot. And a lot of this is the value of the chain. The search engine will not love you, and may even put you off the list.

here I detail about matters needing attention when the link exchange with other sites, to see how much his website PR, PR 3 "is a good website, but also to see how his Baidu keyword in the rankings, if higher ranking in Baidu, he’s weight is also high, you and his connection, your weight will get a raise. Remember to be connected to the same site, just like h>


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