Full liberalization of the circle of friends advertising users look at an ad, WeChat charges 1 hair

in the micro business, purchasing the invasion, the circle of friends has been advertising all the money into the pockets of others, how can we tolerate the WeChat official online advertising circle of friends official website, SMEs can apply. In the future, we are all the people of the advertising circle. If someone asks you which way to mix, you say you are in the advertising circle!!!


August 20th, Lennon Lennon I love you while we enjoy the romance of the Qixi Festival, WeChat rather than a person the Qixi Festival, officially launched the official website of the advertising circle of friends, open "hookup" advertisers tour. This means that, whether it is a big brand or small brand, as long as you are willing to (you) (Qian), you can apply for their own through the official website.


from January 21st this year to open the circle of friends advertising trial operation, we has continued to receive a lot of advertising. 3 million of the advertising costs, so we have only seen the BMW, vivo, Porsche, Coca-Cola these big brands. After the opening of the official website of the circle of friends, our circle of friends will become a real advertising circle". Not a little preparedness, then we are "the advertising circle"! And the Tencent will received soft money! (I don’t want to be so popular, it is indeed a fact)

about applying for

advertisers need to fill in the application form, after the adoption of the ad on-line

advertisers need to fill out a "circle of friends of WeChat advertising cooperation application form" and write the name of the company, to promote the brand and content, plans to put plans to put the amount, time etc, advertising solutions vary according to each advertiser’s budget. After submitting the application form, apply for the public number, certification and become advertisers. After the success of the program audit, the circle of friends will be automatically on-line advertising. In the process of advertising, advertisers can track the status of advertising and some key data. Content creation, creative advertising, advertising materials, the cost of delivery and other factors can also be customized. But the Internet does not specify the price of advertising costs.

about charges

users to see an ad, WeChat charges 1 Gross

Tencent Public Relations Department official said, with the full liberalization of the circle of friends advertising, advertising will receive small and medium enterprises, but also can limit the launch area, gender and other services. Charges from the original 3 million advertising costs into a CPM (cost per thousand) way to sell. For example: if you put a circle of friends advertising Chongqing area (one of the 35 key cities), the price per thousand exposure of $100. Conversion down, the user every time to see a circle of friends advertising, WeChat advertisers to charge 0.1 yuan. If advertisers also need to push advertising on this basis, the price will vary.

14 PPT show circle of friends advertising details



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