You only see the Papi sauce and ignore the large enterprise financing million is the originator of t

Abstract: "red" company is the same, fans do not want to have. The interests of consumers (fans) in the first place, the development of the gene into the enterprise, through the appropriate model, in order to transform the value of the fans of the economy, and ultimately the outbreak of commercial value.


Papi hot sauce, you see the fans is how a person will instantly pushed to billion yuan worth of. However, the economic value of the fans for the enterprise, but it is an old knowledge.

"talent and beauty in one" Papi sauce into the net red circles the new representative, even advertising auction tickets were sold to 8000 yuan a! The red hot Papi sauce, adding fuel to the flame Ronaldo, became an influential business event (new media Wang).

even Xu Xiaoping also lamented, since I saw the red this thing, I want to retire tm." He and Papi sauce in the first meeting just 4 days after the injection of capital, the current valuation of Papi sauce billion. The power of the fans, the moment will push a billion worth of a person. From another perspective, this business before the fans economy done fast in the early Papi sauce, well versed in the road business "red", has long been firmly holding the hearts of fans.

business "red" how to make

powder is how come? Their eyes "Red Net" is the Apple Corp and its products. Disney, Nike, and so on, too.

Apple released a new product, from New York Manhattan to Beijing Sanlitun, the fans will be in front of Apple Store queued overnight; Nike’s new listing, and even some people will make "panic buying Nike official website tutorial" all the young and old men; Disney, the theme park where will all be full.

underestimated the power of the fans, and even some enterprises to promote the commanding heights of industry. But the fans don’t come out of thin air fans economy has its own building there, with "Red Net" attribute of enterprises, in terms of Mozhun user needs, enhance the user experience, upgrade the user’s expectations, has its special ability. For example, Apple has been the technical flow, to the pursuit of the perfect products, do not adhere to the open source strategy, rather than extend the product release cycle, but finally formed only belong to apple and apple is also well versed in rhythm; "develop", users of electronic products of the new requirements is not innate, but be "given", users of new products for Apple no concept, it would create the concept for users to accept, so when the new release, users can feel "ah, this is what I want", "the design and function fully meet my needs, it was cool and comfortable." good looking forward to what will Apple next year ", it was like a magic.

actually, there are also some domestic fans through the "Red Net", which is representative of millet and car home.


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