Shop promotion situation, mining potential of the Amoy bar promotion


Taobao’s recent move can be described as a big move, it will be banned from June 1st Taobao customer goods search service. Most of the media that the move is intended to help Taobao with the same origin of the Amoy network, is a protection of their own interests. It is for us to promote the staff, whether the move from what purpose, at least you know a cat was really pay attention to it, it has become a popular value outbreak of gold will be on the table on. If the summer is very sensitive to the blood of mosquitoes, where there is a sense of blood on which to drill it, then as a promotion personnel, where we should be where the popularity of drilling. If you can do ahead of schedule, will certainly have a harvest, first come first served, the following figure, my Taobao shop in May, as follows:


from the above flow diagram can be seen from the Amoy bar in traffic accounted for the total volume of nearly fifteen percent, this is the recent effort in the promotion of the cat, but students should be noted that this does not tell you to do Amoy bar immediately immediate effect of iron, and the like. Other promotion step by step, gradually from the familiar, and then to explore the promotion skills, remember not urgent, not fast, now the weather is hot, more need to quit coke rashness. A deep breath to calm down, look at how the product promotion methods in the cat.

1: enter a Tao Tao,, in the search box at the top of its input "click on the search, then the Lord" entered the Lord page. As long as the existence of a Amoy bar, you can go through this approach to the corresponding bar.


2: enter the LORD — the " official information; " section, as shown in the red box shows the post " each of them, the flow of fresh " traffic statistics is the cat official post, this is very important Oh, the enemy can. In the promotion before we go into the post with view statistics data, from here you can see all the statistics (Amoy bar each season are different) including Pv, UV, ranking statistics, daily post, daily number of replies, per capita PV and other important information. Will update the official post about a week, we must make good use of the data it provides in the promotion before the cat. Shown in the post data table, check the left side of the bar and the right place, according to their own products to find the corresponding bar, press ctrl+f shortcut keys in the browser search, input you want to find the right name, will jump directly to you want to see the traffic statistics.



3: here is an example of how to operate the shoes, from the above traffic statistics >


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