Baidu search will provide perfect B2B HC payment customer information

August 14th news, yesterday evening, issued voluntary announcement "Aladdin concluded Baidu technical service contracts", announced the signing of technical service contract with Baidu Aladdin B2B cooperation project.


content of cooperation, Beijing HC will Baidu Aladdin PC platform and provide the business to business e-commerce related content such as paying customers from Beijing, product pictures, models, price and customer information, by Baidu in the search engine results page to achieve personalized display, provide more effective search content for users.

said the will provide not less than 90 of the industry of Beijing HC paying customers product information to Baidu, to Beijing HC paying customers get more Baidu search engine traffic and business opportunities, and contribute to the transaction reached.

announcement also disclosed the validity and cost of cooperation. Announcement shows that the cooperation agreement for a period of one year, since August 29, 2014, HC to Baidu to pay the fixed costs a total of 50 million 80 thousand yuan.

represents the HC contract for Beijing HC, HC belongs to the listed company’s wholly-owned Affiliated Companies.

it is understood that Baidu Aladdin platform is a universal open platform for the launch of the Baidu, it will be open to the unique interface information of the data owner, so as to solve the existing search engines cannot capture and retrieval of network information dark.


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