Biography Tmall headquarters moved to Beijing Ma Beijing as second home


technology news September 23rd afternoon message, according to TechWeb reports, Tmall headquarters will be relocated from Hangzhou to Beijing, is expected to be the fastest in this year’s "double 11" before the completion of the relocation of all.

reported that Tmall’s relocation work has been started in June this year, the plan, the implementation of business and phase. At present, Tmall has been the first implementation of the supermarket, from the beginning of July has gradually moved to Ali is located in the national advertising industry park headquarters office in Beijing. The next move of the team will be Tmall City, and this year ‘double 11’ before Tmall will complete the relocation of all personnel.

sina science and technology consulting Alibaba on the matter, the official response, said: no comment on market rumors." The industry close to Alibaba, said Ma has been attached great importance to the Beijing market, Tmall headquarters relocation is not impossible.

Ma Yun regards Beijing as the second home

in April this year, Ma had said at the staff meeting, in the service of two billion consumers in the global development goals, the Beijing team will play a very important role. Ma Yun defines Beijing as "the headquarters of the Internet service beyond e-commerce".

Ma said, given that Beijing has eight thousand employees, how do we take Beijing as the home of the outside of the home of the second -. To this end, in Beijing, we have to have their own independent business, independent management model. Beijing is our strongest competitors of all places, but I hope that employees can make Beijing because of Beijing Ali proud to participate in Beijing’s development of all the public, to participate in the economic construction of Beijing, to participate in the Beijing tax in Beijing to create jobs."

Alibaba investment in recent years, more than 100 equity companies, most of the focus in Beijing. Through intensive acquisitions, Ali in Beijing staff more than 8000 people (April data), located in the Beijing group in each branch, and ants, UC, Gould, rookie, Ali, Ali pictures, health alliance, TTPOD company.

Tmall supermarket 1 billion hit Beijing market

in July of this year, Ali announced a full range of business to enter the field, pushing the Tmall supermarket in the country, in which the first stage of the selection of Beijing, the first phase of subsidies to consumers in Beijing 1 billion yuan.

according to official data released by Tmall supermarket, Tmall supermarket surge in popularity in Beijing, sales grew 740% over the same period last year, about 9 of consumers have begun to use the phone to go shopping. From the transaction user age distribution of Tmall supermarket in Beijing, 80 became the backbone of the Beijing area Tmall supermarket transactions, up to about 50%.

Alibaba Chinese retail business group president Zhang Jianfeng said, Tmall will help Alibaba to complete the supermarket business ecology, the integration of the supply chain, logistics, payment, big data, cloud computing and other comprehensive advantages, provide more deterministic services for consumers, occupy the online supermarket in the emerging electricity supplier in the field of highland. (>


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