Tan roots a new model of O2O electric chain enterprises

from B2B to B2C, the development of e-commerce in China has gone through more than and 10 years. Now B2B, B2C model has been relatively mature market. To provide e-commerce service platform, has become into a very high threshold for the industry, and for the traditional enterprises, especially the franchise enterprises and service enterprises, the two models seem to be not suitable for. So a new e-commerce model gradually introduced into China and began to develop, which is the O2O e-commerce model.

what is O2O?

O2O that is Online To Offline, but also about the next line of business opportunities and the Internet together, so that the Internet has become the front line trading. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale. The most important feature of this model is: promotion effect to be investigated, each transaction can be tracked, compared to the traditional online shopping more emphasis on the interaction. Model referred to as online and offline e-commerce, both O2O.



The advantages of the

O2O model

relative to B2C mode, O2O has the following patterns:

1, because it is under the line experience services, so the relative degree of trust is higher, the turnover rate is higher;

2, to join the chain retail enterprises, can successfully solve the online and offline channel conflicts of interest, while the B2C model cannot avoid channel conflict online and traditional franchisees, especially the conflict on the price;

3, for the life of the service class, with a clear regional, more accurate consumer, online promotion and dissemination of more targeted;

4, will line the service advantage with better play, experience marketing features, such as: the core advantage of a hair franchise business is to purchase the product free lifetime hair, but because it is the franchise, so stores only within the area of service members, and this is B2C mode can not solve the problem.

5, through the network can quickly control the latest consumer feedback, more personalized service and access to high viscosity repeat consumption;

6, for the franchise enterprises, the franchisee’s management will be more convenient and direct, the brand, franchisees and consumers closer to the relationship between the three.

O2O model suitable for what kind of business?

The birth of the

O2O model, will promote a number of new network companies to provide the service, especially the Group buy website, as well as local information service platform. For the traditional enterprise, what kind of enterprise is suitable for the use of O2O mode?


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