nternet rural electricity supplier how to do

years of the birth of the Internet, Internet companies to the Internet, the way to transform one after another of the industry, only in the progress of agriculture is not. The reason lies in the ecological system in rural areas is more complex, the simple business model is difficult to reform the rural economy, so there are also several packages and the production of fresh electricity. This is more of an Internet company is an attempt, they also know that the rural resources and urban community resources are quite different.

essence, rural resources and community resources, but also has some difference: the majority of community resources are part of consumers and users, involved in businesses and farmers; both consumers and producers, they also need the city needed commodity crops can be supplied directly to end consumers in the market, but also sell merchant. This makes the supply chain further sink and extend, while the rural and business is a two-way relationship between supply and demand.

if the rural electricity supplier as the Internet solutions in rural areas, there are some wrong, because rural industrialization and urbanization and rural reform is not a simple Internet, also contains the farmers’ income, agricultural development and rural stability and other issues, and this is the "three rural" to solve the problem. Therefore, the study of rural electricity providers should study the three rural, rural electricity supplier has become a "three rural issues". This requires that the rural electricity supplier mainstream electricity supplier in the current, there should be more content on the inside, should become one of the "three rural" total solution "problems and rural studies should be considered, at least," Internet agriculture "under the Internet platform should have 58 city or ganji.com such local life services.

Current situation of urbanization of

: farmers tend to integrate urban resources

said earlier, the study of the "three rural" problem is to solve the problem of farmers’ income, agricultural development, rural stability. In fact, this is a residential area, engaged in the industry and the identity of the trinity of the problem, but the three priorities are different, we must consider the integration of the above three issues.

a few years ago, the rural community, in fact, is taking the resource integration route: one is several villages into the community, is the village labor resources; on the other hand, after the merger of the farmland is unified, the establishment of ecological planting base or investment to establish farms or other factories nearby village farmers into the factory work, money, family. For some reason, this policy has not been carried out, but it is the future direction of rural development. The traditional decentralized operation in rural areas is too backward, which is not conducive to the improvement of crop productivity and production efficiency. The integration of farmland or aquaculture into planting and breeding base is more conducive to the improvement of production resources and reuse.

in fact, this is also a planning route of the current rural urbanization. With a lot of rural children to buy a house in the city, as well as more migrant workers in the field of long-term urban workers, rural


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