Transformation of B2C brand enterprises electricity supplier in the road where

in recent years, many of the traditional brand enterprises pegged to the development prospects of the B2C mode, all want to occupy a space for one person in this business in this industry, once a Brand Company executives said: if you do not, your opponent is doing; if you don’t do your genuine, cottage products in. This sentence is to say the voice of many brand companies.

traditional brand enterprises to enter the B2C boom but also show the advantage of it is that they are already through traditional channels to establish a certain advantage in the minds of consumers, it is said that the high brand value. Has been in the minds of consumers to establish the weight of certain sense of trust and good brand image of the enterprise products is very high, it should be said that the transformation is relatively easy, can be said to be "emperor daughter mentality, but" e-commerce is deep water, you want to practice a swimming ability to water "in recent years, some successful and some failure, where is the road?

brand enterprise transformation to do a classic case of BELLE B2C. BELLE is the electronic commerce company in 2008 three established, registered 5 million dollars, the company will be involved in BELLE strategic positioning in the "electronic commerce in order to get the security status in the competition, the 2010 BELLE show from Amoy net sales reached 100 million yuan. In addition,, and pat Network and three party e-commerce platform to bring 100 million yuan revenue, BELLE group, BELLE group has up to now, walking at the forefront of traditional enterprise e-commerce, it can be said that BELLE is to represent the general trend made electronic commerce electricity supplier, then why is it successful? Here, summed up the following point:

first: strategic positioning should be clear. Brand enterprises must avoid the traditional brand ostentatious, surface attention, actual stocking strategy despise attitude, to do the best preparation.

secondly: marketing strategy to be comprehensive. Do not put all the eggs in one basket, the possibility of more successful channels, but we must pay attention to each channel, multi-directional, multi path exploration.

finally: the introduction of network exclusive brand. We all know that the traditional enterprise e-commerce, the total price suffered the inevitable conflict, channel conflict, and BELLE to take the online channel and offline store operated separately channel mode, network consumer segment, the introduction of targeted brand sales network. This approach not only avoids the direct conflict online and offline, while the introduction of a new brand, expand the new users, in one fell swoop. Or that sentence, e-commerce is very deep water, want to swim inside have the skills, and constantly improve.


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