Sources said Jingdong hand Q entrance to determine located in the QQ Wallet

news May 27th, before the news that the Jingdong in the mobile phone QQ entrance has been basically established, is located in the "QQ wallet".

it is understood that Jingdong in the mobile phone QQ is a two entrance, the specific location is I – my wallet – Jingdong shopping, and lottery, drops taxi and other services tied.

hand Q "my wallet" channel

I have a lot of services under the wallet channel

in addition, according to the Jingdong announced day before the 618 general marketing strategy, QQ mobile phone will become the 618 year Jingdong in the wireless terminal is an important battlefield. Users can receive red envelopes ranging from 6~618 yuan QQ phone, and in the entrance to the consumer Jingdong.

in March of this year, Tencent officially announced the stake in Jingdong, while the agreement between WeChat and mobile phone client for the opening of the first level entrance position. Reliable sources said the Jingdong in WeChat’s entrance level (with the game tied) will be officially launched at the end of May.


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