Wang Shaodong campus shopping online marketing thirty-six meter away

soldiers, sly road. The first grandchildren strategics, means to say work out measures to suit local conditions. We are going to Paibingbuzhen according to their actual situation, not rigid dogma. Throughout the more successful sites, most of them have their own characteristics. Because the Internet broke through the limitations of time and space, the global village is no longer a simple concept. The relatively low cost of the Internet business, creating a wealth of legends, to provide a lot of grassroots opportunities to change the fate of. The Internet, this is heaven, here is hell! How will your site in the hundreds of millions of Internet in the tight encirclement, please pay attention to the thirty-six Wang Shaodong network promotion plan.

first wins wars: deceive.

analysis: suspected is a false real account plan, it is a common use there is the psychological state of the campaign, camouflage, hidden real attempt to achieve by surprise trick, the winner.

baby is a great wisdom, as the opening of the first meter of Sun Tzu’s art of war fit essence from the word face feel very passive, but the actual use of this to the contrary, often can have the initiative battle.

boutique campus team, from the economic analysis of the campus system, behind the conclusion 27 million of students are 270 billion of college students market, but also is not only these, because each students behind the family, they are family opinion leaders, they were building their own family after graduation. In China, college students represent the young consumer groups, the main consumer of the future. Therefore, the campus economy, including the university students as a representative of the group, its characteristics is the pursuit of individuality, the pursuit of new things, have a certain spending power, but there is the main force of the future society.

boutique campus by analyzing the strategy, efforts to build the capital students the biggest fashion consumer publications campus magazine – excellent campus magazine, positioning is the students eat and drink, play, music, etc., leading fashion consumption of College students. At the same time carry out various campus activities during the location is a campus culture media company, ICBC, launched a debate, the official website of the week exceeded 250 thousand people, Nintendo campus game animation contest, the agricultural heart cup chess tournament, Chinese enterprises help college students’ employment for a large number of influential public welfare activities. Quickly open the campus visibility. To win the trust and goodwill of college students, in order to find employment opportunities for college students part-time job opportunities. On the other hand, investors began planning the on-line boutique campus network. Because investors are aware of the campus market can not only rely on the service of corporate campus public relations, the depth of mining should be more sustainable profit model.

in October 2009 on the campus network access to a large number of browsing, and the establishment of a good relationship with the campus community, quickly become offline marketing channels. And many cooperative businesses have become the site’s suppliers. Boutique campus sneak through distance, and similar campus shopping site, get the strategic initiative.


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