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NetEase Francisco December 2nd news, the national development and Reform Commission and the Alibaba in Beijing signed a memorandum of cooperation to promote the construction of credit system in the field of business, launched a series of cooperation between the two sides will be in data sharing, combined with incentives, pilot demonstration etc..

had seven ministries to Ali, Tencent, Baidu Nuomi, travel and other eight Internet Co set up by the anti speculation letter Union, Ali will serve as first president. Development and Reform Commission deputy director Lian Weiliang said, Ali’s large data capacity is very strong, but the lack of enforcement work qualification, government and Ali’s cooperation is very meaningful, must establish long-term mechanism to combat, the next step will be to resolve outstanding issues, to carry out governance special action that open letter fried, fried letter, will be blacklisted the first published, and accountability.

Wu Minzhi, senior vice president of

Ali, B2B business group president, said, through the development and Reform Commission to build the integrity of the business sector, Alibaba corporate integrity system will become the future of commercial society infrastructure. The future of Chinese enterprises will have two certification, one is a business license, one is the integrity of the license. With the credit system of the license, the integrity of business enterprises will not can run in both directions unblockedly in the business community, the integrity of the enterprise will can’t do anything."

Ali aspects of its corporate integrity system to build by the electronic code, credit rating, credit reports, risk mapping four parts. Among them, Ali in the basic information, the legal representative of the enterprise, trade behavior, financial behavior, business relationship between the five dimensions for the enterprise to provide the credit rating level is divided into AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB five grades, the credit rating in the Alibaba will become the enterprise platform, third party cooperation platform of business enterprise search sort, flow distribution, marketing opportunity to determine whether the standards.

signed a memorandum of cooperation with the national credit information sharing platform will establish information sharing channels with ALI, real-time sharing of credit information sharing by the United rewards "platform imputation of red blacklist and other credit information. Ali provides the B2B platform, Taobao platform collection of repaying the list of enterprises and other related verification service, the service oriented to the national credit information sharing platform for government agencies, and the public show in the credit China website.


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