Small and medium enterprise website construction is the first

with the popularity of the use of computers, as well as the network has entered the WEB2.0 era, the prototype of the virtual world has formed. While the company’s traditional sales can not meet the needs of the times, so most of the company has begun to expand sales to the network, and continue to increase investment in network marketing, to establish their own official website more and more enterprises.

is now a lot of people will think that the establishment of a website is not a difficult thing, to find a good program to find the source code, buy a domain name and space, debug the site on the ok. With this, a website to spend 300-500 dollars can easily fix, build a corporate website really as easy? In fact, enterprise website is a door of enterprise, it represents the company’s identity, or not to do so, you have to do well. Otherwise, not only did not provide any help, but to belittle the value of their own business. This enterprise website should grasp the three basic points below:

I. positioning of enterprise website. The purpose of the enterprise to build the official website is to allow a large group of web browsing can quickly, easily, professional knowledge of their own enterprise products related information, which can produce the desire to buy. Instead we see a lot of pile design of enterprise website, the content is empty, structure chaos, Download difficult, not convenient for users to use; or no beauty, content is not bad, but the corporate image has completely ignored, looking ahead, are various kinds of brightly coloured fonts for the text before and after completing treatment. We know that the network marketing is a ten, ten hundred… This enterprise website can achieve this effect? Only column structure is clear, concise and beautiful, detailed page of the website can let visitors can quickly find the content need, and to deepen the impression of visitors.

two. Enterprise website should have the function. 1 instant communication function, it can let us receive timely feedback information on the spot and handle customer opinions of customers; 2 forum function, not only can be a good collection of customer tracking of the relevant opinions and suggestions, and to the customer psychological buried a seed, which can achieve the purpose of long-term cooperation; 3 data download function, so that customers can easily and detailed understanding of the relevant product information, but also for the sales of their products provides a bit of weight; 4 online order function, let the customer know the enterprise products through online sales, but also for some much-needed and convenient (distance) provides the convenience of customers.

three. Enterprise website should pay attention to maintenance. According to the characteristics of small and medium enterprises themselves, in order to meet the requirements of their own development, enterprises need to be functional and practical, simple and beautiful, convenient operation and management of a comprehensive service website. This site can be related to the technical problems of the company’s Web site to help solve the problem, and the site needs to maintain our timely update and resolve customer messages.

enterprises to build their own web site said it is not easy, if it is said to engage in a web site module used, it is not difficult. But the official website of the company is


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