nvesting in domain names for investment is meaningless

The domain name

Chinese low price low to one yuan; mainone suspected fraudulent domain sales…… "The domain name market has been darkened."

underestimated the domain name is always a rebound day

domain name sales difficulty comes first from the corn price chain reaction.

"domain name registrar is the biggest impact Chinese domain for one yuan sale policy. Since the implementation of the price of corn, a stronger sense of crisis registered domain names." In the short term, the value of the domain name has been seriously underestimated, but the benefits are the rapid increase in the amount of registration, CN domain name registration amount exceeded about 5000000 in one fell swoop, and in the domain price before the CN domain name registration is only about 1000000.

prices dropped, the domain name registration service providers in terms of the loss is great, compared with the original budget, the loss is about 15%. Adhere to the corn price will cause the loss of business costs, because the machine to provide services, to strengthen the investment in Internet application, to increase network security investment, in order to resist the attack of hacker, in data backup and stability need to invest, the domain name registration business is the most direct cost.

but I firmly believe that the domain name will always be an underestimate of the day.

from the trend, the domain name is valuable, domain name service is also valuable, free is temporary. CNNIC also need to maintain the cost of the operation, the domain name is not able to bear the cost of the server and the cost of management. CNNIC is not to earn money to collect fees, but there is no source of income will not be able to update the server, there is no engineer to maintain, which is difficult to imagine CNNIC."

only add domain name is worth

in the CN domain name to register the introduction of the price of corn, while a wave of speculation in the domain name is a large number of blind investment in the domain name to the dream shattered.

"domain name makes sense, but not mainstream." Because the user registered domain name is to build Internet applications, pure investment is no greater significance. This is similar to real estate investment, if the money to buy a house, buy a few sets of rent, only one set. From the investment perspective, investment type will be accounted for a very small proportion, because there are people who rent, rooms have value, if for investment and investment, the investment domain itself has no meaning.

only use the domain name is valuable. Good domain name transactions will also have a high transaction amount."


of mainone fraud domain name speculation, Chinese mainone is the focus of the public domain, feel that he is in fact Chinese flicker, domain name is valuable, the value will be higher. Mainone events have little effect on the impact of network, but the domain name industry.

our approach is to insist that the user does not understand the Internet industry is not appropriate to sell products, and will not use inappropriate means to sell products to customers. There are a lot of anomalies in marketing


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