Mainstream open source shop system ECshopV2.7.1 official release


, ECshop is a free and open source online system the largest e-commerce software and service provider’s ShopEx released the latest version of the official version of V2.7.1.

version of the original ECshop based on the integration of a lot of excellent elements from the ShopEx, the performance has become more outstanding. Adds a new SMS interface function, support the order to remind, delivery notification, SMS and other functions; new suppliers, the administrator can specify the processing of orders delivery providers, suppliers can be handled in the background assigned to their orders; new fast money bank straight chain plug-in, PayPal express plug-in, and supports the "Quest for world" the function of many of the details; optimize the management of the background is to increase the variety of batch operation function, membership registration, wholesale, custom features, flash advertising player, to further improve the function of value package.

in October 2008, as the industry leader in the acquisition of ShopEx, the country’s largest free open source shop system ECshop and a series of products, the news has been confirmed to cause widespread concern in the industry. Now more than a year has passed, ECshop is still in the healthy development and integration of many of the powerful features derived from the ShopEx, while the number of ECshop users is also growing steadily.

ECshopV2.7.1 details please see:

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