Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong B2B industry spring is coming

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong speech at the global B2B ecological summit.

January 12th morning news, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong group in the global ecological B2B summit that with the background of Internet and business integration, comprehensive supply side upgrade, B2B spring is coming.

Zhang Yong said that in recent years, Alibaba B2B business has undergone some changes in nature. This reflects the entire Chinese Internet in a full embrace of traditional business, thinking of the changing process. Alibaba with 16 years precipitation data, through the integration of the supply chain, logistics, finance, software applications and many other services, to jointly build a new ecosystem Internet plus ", re construction industry rules.

"of Alibaba in terms of both the B2B, foreign trade or domestic trade, ecology is very important. Alibaba’s mission is to let the world is not difficult to do business." Zhang Yong said.

in the "Internet plus" era, in the face of Chinese manufacturing lack of funds, low profits, low quality "short board" problem, B2B development opportunities ushered in explosive. In Zhang Yong view, the current retail industry is facing a lot of economic pressure, facing the pressure of the entire consumer. With the whole of the Internet to embrace the full development of the supply side, in fact, B2B spring is coming".

Zhang Yong said, very much agree with the country’s recent supply side reform. The development of the whole economy today, today the Internet influence on business, is a big step toward using the Internet to bring better sales, use the Internet to cover more people, more business opportunities, use the Internet to manage more opportunities, to the whole production chain of the transformation and upgrade the entire supply side completely, this is us we can see the impact of the Internet on business, can be said to be a comprehensive fusion." (Ding Zhuang)


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