’s growth inflection point, hope Chen Yizhou and Xu Xin have been successful release


is not only a big company such as BAT will encounter the bottleneck of growth. Flash purchase electricity supplier in the 10 consecutive quarter to maintain the growth rate of the figure of 3, revenue for the first time ushered in the growth rate of up to 75% in. After trying a new product sales, category expansion and open platform, has encountered a bottleneck on the scale of growth. With the decline in the overall retail inventory goods, is also actively to get rid of dependence on poop cleanup. Prior to the cultivation of the minds of consumers, so that’s new business attempt to do nothing.

growth inflection point

through the following figure is not difficult to find,’s revenue growth rate has fallen below 100%, showing a downward trend year by year. With the peak period of 207% revenue growth rate,’s high growth period has passed, and there is a turning point.


(source: Tencent Technology) CFO Yang Donghao said’s model is to clean up the inventory of businesses. It is simple and rough, but for, this is the mother of good fortune, but now has become the shackles of growth.

back in 2011, China apparel production overcapacity, tens of billions of dollars in inventory, pressed apparel manufacturers breathless. According to Wind data, textile and garment industry 87 listed companies, in 2012 the cumulative inventory of up to 73 billion 200 million yuan in mid 2010, compared to $69 billion 900 million in 2011 and an increase of $50 billion 100 million. At the same time, more than 6 of the apparel and textile companies in the company’s inventory turnover ratio of 2011 fell compared to the middle of the year, of which the company’s inventory turnover fell for two consecutive years in 34.

for apparel enterprises inventory capping force new way

, YOUNGOR, Semir, Lining, Langsha shares, Metersbonwe and other apparel companies are turning to online investment, the layout of e-commerce, on the one hand to expand sales channels, on the other hand is to alleviate the line pressure to clear inventory. Accurate positioning, the new model of clothing merchants to find in addition to the Taobao Mall (later renamed Tmall), the most easily dumped goods platform.

compared to Tmall, where customers, business sellers in to be more convenient. In the end of the commodity, chose to buy into the library, unified express." Businesses do not need to do too much addition and subtraction in their own supply chain management, just to provide the inventory of goods to, in the consumer side of the pre-sale and after-sales commitment by Businesses that can clean up inventory at the same time, more important is to provide a deterministic service.

market demand to enlarge the prospects of model in March 23, 2012 landed on the NYSE, IPO market. 5 months later, another flash taker poly still announced financing 30 million B round of financing, investors are.


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