Another case of shock failure of a retailer

America Home Furnishing products and gift discount retailer Tuesday Morning recently quietly closed their shopping website. At first glance, Tuesday Morning’s decision may be confusing. But considering the company’s financial reasons, it is understandable that the retailer closed its shopping site.

as a matter of fact, the same financial problems also hinder the brand discount store TJ-MAXX, department store giant Nodes Tron and fashion retailer H& M sell goods outside the store. Why is it so? For retailers, selling goods over the Internet is not as low as people think. On the contrary, it may increase the cost of retailers. If the sale of goods through the network has not been able to bring enough sales, these retailers set up around the store business model costs will surge, and ultimately may lead to a loss of the entire business. Also, these discount retailers will not buy too much inventory of the same type of goods, which forced them to have to put the goods in retail stores, or in the shop to choose. For example, the good market (Costco, the largest chain of U.S. membership in the warehouse supermarket) will not hesitate to point out that the products sold in the network and the company’s products sold in the store almost no contact.

this is likened to the "treasure hunt". The user goes to the store to look for some of the products that are enjoyable and cheap and take them home. That’s enough,


let’s see what the retailer pays for selling the product in the network,


shoppers want to zoom in and zoom out and see more pictures of the products they want to buy. They want to get a complete assessment of the product’s features / benefits. In some cases, manufacturers can provide ready-made product information and images, but not forever. Surprisingly, some retailers have been unable to automatically obtain information on the online sales of products. At this time the retailer needs to do the text input workload will be far more than people imagine. Although compared to the potential sales in millions of dollars, let the product photos with different direction of the software price is not expensive, but photography is another time-consuming and costly "human input", may affect the profits of retailers.

at this time, people may wonder, "how can a company like or deal with this problem?" two reasons can be answered. First, they do not need to worry about "feeding" the retail store, because the two companies rely solely on the retail business network; second, they have their own distribution center. Shipping efficiency allows them to cut costs on delivery.

recently, H& M has just launched its own online store in the u.s.. Two reasons urge H& M made this decision. First, H& M >


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