Le 1s version of Ji’nan Unicom main PO, fertile gold indicates the cooperation to new heights

news December 1st, LETV since the national flagship new machine 1s online music market, the market is hot, with production capacity, LETV further distribution channel operators. At the beginning of November, LETV announced to build an exclusive customized version of Le 1s for China Unicom, and Chinese Unicom is the first in a rigid way of underwriting Caile set 1s 1 million 300 thousand. Among them, many provinces and cities in Shandong province from 200 thousand units to talent shows itself, underwriting results come out on top, which is also the main version of Le 1s Unicom why in Shandong Ji’nan ipo.

December 1st morning, LETV mobile Intelligent Company, Chinese Unicom Shandong branch, Ji’nan branch company, the senior leadership group in Davao Qilu Unicom business hall, business hall first 81 attended Le 1s main Unicom version of the first opening ceremony.


LETV holding senior vice president, as the mobile intelligent president Feng Xing said: "the music and Chinese Unicom, especially Shandong Unicom has cooperation experience and profound foundation, the nation’s leading record in music 1 times. As the music and China Unicom in the ecological concept has a high degree of fit, so the music is willing to launch exclusive customized version of the music 1s. Music, as the phone will lead to negative era of hardware, China Unicom has advanced FDD LTE 4G network, the two together, will achieve greater victory."

The general manager of

Chinese Unicom Ji’nan branch Hao Liqian said: "with the new music as music 1s Unicom’s 4G network can be said to complement each other, will be for the vast number of users with the most advanced 4G experience! LETV is committed to provide users with a complete set of mobile Internet Ecosystem, and the Ji’nan Unicom" Internet plus "era the service concept is realized with the all threads neatly tied up! Believe that the listing of the" LETV Le 1S "will continue to" happy 1 "good sales momentum, has more excellent sales results!"

communication group president Yuan Liang Davao meters for the event also invited painter to paint the scene "gold" fertile ground for Le 1s, I wish to sell. The paintings auspicious, skillfully combines both Logo elements into them, but also indicates that LETV cooperation with China Unicom will create success.


is reported that Le 1s lower than the cost of production costs, while China Unicom also for the new and old customers to develop a very favorable contract policy. Buy Unicom customized version of Le 1s contract machine users can enjoy music as eco service Unicom double 4G dual fast extreme network, and a variety of tariff options, such as prepaid charges 1099 yuan 0 yuan purchase, and old customers in more than 2 years of pre deposit 99 yuan to get Le 1s. At the same time, members of the machine users will also get a full screen video as a member of the year, and received 12 months 6Gb/ months of free directional traffic.



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