Foreign trade B2C model upgrade e-commerce new highlights

08 years in the shadow of the financial crisis still remaining in the memory, when the CCTV economic channel produced by the "export survival survey" column for the traditional foreign trade industry collective go deeply downhill so many people sigh. But it is frequently blocked in the traditional export industry, domestic and foreign B2C e-commerce has bucked the trend, not only the business is not big spread, more the emergence of a number of exciting new faces. Small foreign trade wholesale, online retail, B2B2C and other multinational trade patterns and ideas emerge in an endless stream. Foreign trade B2C e-commerce model with continuous refinement of the market demand changes, let us see many highlights worth looking forward to.

international online retail e-commerce will become a new economic growth point

online retail is not a very new topic, 90% of people have had in Jingdong mall, Dangdang, excellent online shopping experience. But the transnational online retail is genuine is a piece of virgin land for development. So that every foreigner in the world can be all over the world 24 hours a day through China’s cross-border online shopping mall barrier to buy all kinds of "made in China" products, the industry has great potential and promising. As a subdivision of the foreign trade B2C segmentation model, multinational online retail has great ability to attract gold.

For example,

won the transnational online retail sector gratifying results in Milan network, the proposed cross-border online retail B2B2C "mode of Hongkong enterprises not only set up operations center of international logistics center in Chengdu, Guangzhou, Beijing, it is reported in Shanghai also actively deploying new centers and operations team. It is said that Milan network to carry out cross-border online retail business less than 2 years, the current sales have exceeded 30 million in 2010 will be achieved by, is expected to reach $200 million in 2011. International online retail e-commerce will become a new economic growth point of foreign trade, no exaggeration.

professional foreign trade e-commerce website has more brand marketing power

when the professional foreign trade B2C derived transnational online retail is its actual performance, to win the attention of all parties. E-Commerce Research Center found that this multinational online retail segmentation model brand marketing capabilities are also being strengthened. The ingenious wisdom Milan network B2B2C mode is to know the clever integration of the occasion, the B2B2C mystery lies in: in the face of domestic small and medium-sized producers are B2B supply procurement relationship, but it is not the relationship between supply and demand, but a consistent foreign trade strategic partnership; and in the face of foreign markets, and is a kind of typical B2C online mall direct relationship, but this kind of marketing behind the whole convergence China quality products, also means a consistent external. In the promotion of overseas, not to spread the energy to promote each single product, sub brand, but a unified brand name in the name of Milan multinational online mall promotion. This makes the focusing effect can be brought together, more beneficial to the development of the entire chain.

With the increasing maturity of international trade and the increasing market demand, the foreign trade B2C mode has been upgraded to


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