How to be a solid domain investor

recently, the sound of wind and rain is not small? Because of the market downturn? Or because of the mentality of the problem? Or the bigger reason is a problem is that the investment direction of personal


I think it’s a matter of personal investment direction

06 years since the new entered the number of domain name investors?.

new friend is a new blood, new capital to enter, but this is a good thing, this is for the industry to enter this new business, friends want to cool 3 minutes since it joined the industry what have you done? Is a suit or have spent time and effort to really study


here wants to share is how to do a prudent investor.

what kind of investment attitude

never dreamed you registered a domain tomorrow will be e-mail to you buy today, domain name investment and fund investment like, time is the best investment means, of course, this is based on the quality of domain name, not facing the market demand of registered domain names put a hundred years to meet buyers.

so let us take a passive attitude of investors, the domain name in hand to renew the ideological preparation, to believe that your domain name will encounter in the future buyers, of course, or that sentence, this foundation is to have the high quality domain name, this is we want to say.

How does

have the domain name needed by the market?

first, domain name registration before you need to consider is the domain name and what is the use? What kind of buyers are willing to purchase your own domain name? If the station would use this domain name will not convince myself to persuade others first?. This principle applies to almost any domain name you want to register, not applicable to the three letter, the number of three, the company domain name. Three numbers, three letters have been registered to, do not need to consider; domain name refers to the company is not a registered domain name, my method is to foreign companies domain name Google first, to see whether the other in other countries have enabled the domain name, if any, registered.


should not follow suit. The investment is to spend their own money, so have their own judgment, so I was against the sweep meters said, 05, 06 years swept three letter has become a historical opportunity, the follow-up scan three miscellaneous, four digital and five digital in my opinion are too crazy, is now a lot of friends


in addition, use your eyes to judge the prospects of an industry. It is good practice to the social development history abroad, such as last month, I think China outdoor sports market in the next 10 years will be very big potential, so I registered the domain name related to a series of outdoor sports, outdoor sports also bought some good domain name. Each industry has the potential to believe that more friends than I have a wide range of vision, the opportunity is naturally in our hands.

also, China is a new, huge, potential market, in the future there will be a number of foreign companies to enter


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