A buyer in the eyes of the conversion rate

today want to talk about the conversion rate of Taobao things, which may be for the people who do Taobao like a canned dream, hidden in the heart, waiting for the dream of flowering. I do not Taobao, I’m just a customer, the tourists walk around and have, and here, I just want to summarize my point of view and the parties, with a buyer identity let everybody know exactly how to improve the conversion rate. Often listen to the people who opened the Taobao said, do activities, every day special, weekend free purchase, free trial, flow up, the activities of the end, the flow and as usual, very few. Seems to fall into a trap, fell into a nest can only rely on sales activities to bring.


I first in the end what kind of shop will attract me. The first is the location, if I want to fashion, I will choose the 7 princess, because I know that there must be a I want weird and offbeat, but I won’t go to the quality of the shop, because the store is the trend and has. If I want to both quality and price, I might consider all things on the inside, price is absolutely right, if I want to book I would go to Dangdang or Jingdong, I know where the most comprehensive.

From the beginning of

so I want to emphasize positioning, though a bit old, but before you open a shop, you have to think clearly, for what people, what their needs, and then enlarge this demand, do not others at this point. Remember before class, the teacher told a very old story about Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Pepsi, before becoming famous, everyone thinks is only Coca Cola, coke is it, the other is not, so Coca-Cola became well known and accepted by all people of coke, which makes Pepsi quite a headache, then Pepsi is to seize this weakness, to young people of coke as the breakthrough point to vigorously promote. This is the positioning of the fashion trend of young people to drink pepsi.


to this point, we must start from the decoration, from the page to retain customers, after all, Taobao is buying pictures. Taobao often appear in a variety of promotions, all kinds of concessions, in the end I will go to the point which page.

must be clear, bright, bright slogan page, if I want to buy a package, see the tide is very clear texture of the picture, you said I would not point into it. So the visual impact is very important, 60% of users basically browse 30 seconds after the automatic left, only 40% of people in a small picture found himself interested will look down a little. So in the promotion area, a very exciting show is quite necessary.

that means the promotion area to do enough to attract people? There are several areas that need attention, a product fine degree to show you in the promotion area grand recommended products must be Zhendian treasure.

The size of the

products are also relatively conspicuous, shooting and design point of view of the fine presentation


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