Forecast 2014 business platform burn mode is coming to an end

either buy barbaric growth or a large number of vertical platform flash in the pan, can not restore the decline of the former capital darling of this electricity supplier. Electricity supplier industry is now the first echelon of the basic formation, followed by the electricity supplier model is still in the bud did not cause concern.

similar to the electricity supplier industry in the past year, and now the mobile phone APP industry and capital in a sweet period, but next year, mobile games and applications APP will enter a difficult period of development.

2013, the electricity supplier industry, innovation concept, want to play, not the godfather of the basic difficult goodbye, and a "surplus", and "dare to hold the thigh blood", all live well, even in the big business platform between leisure and rival war field. Although only a play to win the eye of the play, "double 11" "double 12" unpopular, but only belongs to the electricity supplier network play these rules has been emulated by many offline businesses, have played the "double 12" signs. Although for traditional businesses, the use of all the festivals are profitable, but each line business thinking is, how low cost efficiently expand their sales channels.

2014 will still grow in the electricity industry in bland. The first echelon changes will not be too large. As a business platform, 2014 will be a landmark year. Most of the electricity supplier platform has been developed for nearly ten years, the concept of playing at the end of 2014, burn electricity supplier mode gradually faded, the first tier electricity supplier platform will have announced "stop profit". With the growing number of high growth base. No beautiful profit figures support, everything will become empty talk. The concept of foreign modes of learning, become unable to focus attention in the intense darkness without light industry environment.

in the electricity supplier industry, mergers and acquisitions and integration has always been a very normal thing, in the case of the same pattern, to eat a small moment in place. In 2014, mergers and acquisitions in the different business models of the electric business bigwigs will become the norm, "fish" to compete for a piece of short board their own lack of competitiveness in the development of the "big fish"; eat, that minimally invasive new business models for a small team of entrepreneurs although occupy a certain the advantage, but in the background to become bigger and stronger, hope is very slim. And slowly die, not as active in some big fish, big fish for incorporation in order to escape. How to become an active fish, is the core of the majority of electricity supplier entrepreneurs problem?

in addition, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, APP has become an indispensable part of life, the value of the channel business, mobile APP will become the standard electricity supplier. Meanwhile, the local electricity supplier into a healthy growth period; O2O will be upgraded to 2.


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