Naked wait for the market to accelerate the enclosure group purchase website bubble


in a group purchase navigation website the latest summary of "a week news group purchase", has just completed a B round of financing, the U.S. group net to become the biggest winner. July 7th, the U.S. mission network in Beijing announced that it has officially completed the B round of $50 million financing, and the funds have been credited. This round of financing led by Alibaba group, northern lights, and the other three Sequoia Walden International venture investment institutions with investment.

The development of

China group purchase website industry can be used to describe the explosive.

crazy financing

from the beginning of 2010, China’s first group buying site appeared, a short period of time, the number of websites to buy China’s rapid growth to thousands. Statistics statistical analysis of the data service provider CNZZ display, the first quarter of this year, group purchase website of the continuation of the previous year’s strong momentum of development, industry website number is growing even faster than last year, by the end of March, the total number of group purchase website has exceeded 3600, the average monthly growth rate reached 29.33%; until after entering the second quarter the number of sites and the growth rate of the industry group purchase, the size of the visitors began slowing trend.

and the rapid growth of the number of buy site echoes is the crazy investment in venture capital. Since this year, the amount of financing to buy the site published is astronomical. In February 21st 24, CEO Du Yinan ‘s ticket network announced that the company has completed a new round of financial network, get tens of millions of dollars in capital injections; in April 11th this year, the network announced the completion of $111 million in financing; May 4th, rice network company listed on the New York stock exchange, financing $740 million……

accelerate enclosure

buy the site under the impetus of the wind are accelerating enclosure. The U.S. mission network announced now in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, nearly 100 city station; handle network founder and CEO Wu Bo announced recently held in the "WTO" ten anniversary summit and the 2011 China Merchants Securities forum "handle network service city has more than 500; 24 claim ticket network station in the more than and 200 city; announced C round of financing is nearing the end of the F group announced this year the city will expand service coverage to 100.

With the rapid expansion of

corresponds to the group purchase website advertising promotion in Guangzhou, the bus and the bus stop, "handle handle group purchase group purchase" advertising is very eye-catching. At the same time, group purchase website industry also launched a poaching war with vigour and vitality, are you asking for eight thousand out of ten thousand, I am willing to pay out group purchase website, continue to uplift, nowadays Internet industry circulating a statement "to make quick money, go to the group purchase website". Has not paid much attention to the promotion of a number of first-line brand, but also to dig up the high salaries of experienced public relations professionals.


in nude Tour

this round of group buying site craze, it is difficult to make people think of the end of the century the beginning of the century


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