Analysis of China’s C2C market in 09 years

in the rapid spread of information, Chinese C2C e-commerce market in China C2C surface in smooth water, but the success of success but is also undergoing dramatic changes in time.

from EBYE’s is a single large, exclusive Chinese e-commerce to the Alibaba’s share, Taobao and eBay between "the ant and the elephant" in the war, the Tencent’s pat Network into the C2C e-commerce market to seize market share, become commander pat, eBay three third world situation. But since 08 years Baidu has officially launched, it seems to mean that C2C sales network Chinese broke the pat Network and TOM’s Alibaba’s, a subsidiary of Tencent under the eBay three third world situation. Baidu also added to the e-commerce sector to share.


is still in beta stage at Baidu, the industry has added passion for Baidu ah, and 09 years Chinese C2C market will have what kind of change? Is there really ah PK and Taobao? Baidu has ah strong traffic will rely on Baidu search engine to create their own traffic and registered members, Baidu has ah Chinese in e-commerce market has gradually become mature, and have their own advantages:

Baidu has the advantage:

1 to join the e-commerce sector to take a lot of detours, there are now joined the success of Taobao pat Network and other reference cases.

2 ah now join the mass of customers, through the development and perfection of, pat Network on the market, more and more users to join in the online shopping, have a basic knowledge of the network shopping, network transactions can accept.


3 is Baidu’s shopping site, in large shopping search information can be more clear analysis of Internet users shopping habits, more convenient access to Internet shopping information, so as to better adjust the shopping website.

Taobao advantage:

1 since the 03 years launched after China e-commerce market market culture and gradually mature, experienced and eBay market battle, these experiences have accumulated rich experience for

2 Taobao has about 68000000 registered members. Have a loyal membership.

The full support of

3 Alibaba and Ali mother, the whole family together into battle build Taobao strategic joint. in Baidu have announced the beginning of the line, completely shielding Baidu, it is difficult for buyers to the Baidu search engine to Taobao and Taobao store merchandise, while the introduction of Taobao + Taobao customer marketing model to build Taobao Ali mother. Up to now the fact that big Taobao has paid off, not only promoted the development of the mom increase profits for the Ali Mama, and provides a new occupation to increase revenue for the users to earn extra money.

Taobao and Baidu have ah PK will continue, electronic business


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