Dangdang cross-border electricity supplier into the sea Amoy revolution how far

if you want to give nearly a year in the field of electricity providers crown keywords, cross-border electricity supplier will undoubtedly be an integral one. From the beginning of the second half of last year, from Ali, Amazon massive force to Suning, jumei.com have to speed up the layout. At the same time, as well as foreign terminals, honey bud baby this kind of start-up companies squeeze. The latest news, it is Dangdang also joined in.

News reported that next month will test the waters of cross-border electricity supplier, the main bonded mode. Recently, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing also said on micro-blog, the current cross-border electricity supplier tariff bonded warehouse mode is much lower than the import tariff, is a big opportunity.

in reality, although many electronic business platform for sharpening the cross-border electricity supplier, but one of the biggest constraints of overall logistics link is unstable.


of imported overseas shopping once through Amazon and Ali, Jingdong and other platform consumers told me: "cross-border online shopping price is not so attractive, the need to increase 10% to 20% of post tax, tariff, timeliness is not the so-called business platform declared 7 to 10 days, the whole logistics stable, sometimes fast, sometimes half a month or even a month are not sound, see personal luck."

logistics is mainly due to the instability in the card level, after all, the user’s demand is very large, customs clearance, customs clearance services have not been able to keep up with. In a word, high import tariffs and cumbersome customs clearance dilute the sea Amoy enthusiasm of many users.

can be said that the new incoming Dangdang is also from this point of view of the user cut cross-border electricity supplier. After all, the price of bonded warehouse mode is lower than the import tariff, the use of bonded policy will also become an effective weapon for many cross-border electricity supplier.

so-called bonded warehouse, which is used to store the goods in the bonded area of goods without customs duties, such as warehouse warehouse. Goods stored in a bonded warehouse can save a large amount of rental costs, especially when the time is longer, this advantage is more obvious. Because the warehouse storage is cheap, but also in the declaration directly in the customs bonded warehouse towed. As Li Guoqing said: "through the mode of bond can achieve legal compliance, reduce costs, delivery speed is also very fast."

, for example, if imported goods direct mail to 20-30 working days, and through the bonded mode just less than a week.

, however, the bonded area warehouse so much, to be able to provide cross-border electricity supplier bonded warehouse is scarce resources. In the future, we will see how to seize this scarce resource. But there are users heart fandigu, looks like a bookseller Dangdang did not need to do cross-border electricity supplier.

in fact, Dangdang has been transformed into the fashion electricity supplier on the road, its business categories, including bags, cosmetics, clothing, etc., and the potential needs of the sea Amoy coincide.

in addition, users have a doubt, why the cross-border electricity supplier is so popular? Including Dangdang and other major cross-border electricity supplier under their respective game player how



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