Good domain name station has the strength of a friend can cooperate

in the network has three or four year career in

overall because of their own work has not been any reason to return – because the investment is not enough

I’m not

energy is not enough

ability, it can be said is not enough ~

is always thinking about one day in the Internet can be

but because they have been take work compared to the network, while the value of the network in your own mind, but also has not work ~ because the salary is not high, but can support the network? Step by step wrong wrong, he reported this idea will be gone through nearly four years of ~

once accidentally let me understand to starve – support dead bold timid ~ this is good. So they have to take the network, work and many aspects of their own to do a complete comparison of ~OK~ is the time to start the ~ ~ do not start when I am afraid that they will regret ~

to talk about his intention to three ~ brother station with

1. Portal station

2. Forum

3. Blog – personal home page

three together, of course, it is really hard to

is the first popular

want to beat up the popularity, there is a sufficient talent will have their desired results ~

Of course,

popularity is human. Also called energy ~~~


says there’s no more

decided to start the forum. ~


first take the domain name to call everyone to see




no way to open the forum only, three meters first tied in the past

hopes to have ideas, energy, human capital, the boss can support a brother ~

do not, because the human single thin

so ready to recruit a group of managers

please interested parties to assist ~~~

[email protected]



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